August´s Kabbalah Angels

Information and reference of the Kabbalah Angels of August, classified with Jewish and Gregorian calendars.

Angel 33 Yehuiah

Angel Number 33 Yehuiah

Yehuiah, Angel 33, shines brightly, destined to dispel the shadows of our existence. With a vibrant and positive energy, this celestial being bestows upon those under his wing unparalleled audacity and creativity. This powerful influence drives us to confront and overcome the challenges that life presents to us.

Angel 32 Vasariah

Angel Number 32 Vasariah

Vasariah, Angel 32, is a radiant bridge that links us to the Tree of Life, immersing us in an era brimming with hope and salvation. This angel is more than a mere guide; he stands as a symbol of redemption, a beacon for those seeking a future filled with promise and a path to reconciliation.

Angel 31 Lecabel

Angel Number 31 Lecabel

The power of Angel 31 Lecabel goes beyond mere knowledge; it is a bridge to eternal wisdom. As the 31st angel in the 72 Names of God, he acts as a shield in times of crisis and a guide in the quest for truth. His light is an invaluable tool for those seeking inspiration.

Angel Omael

Angel Number 30 Omael

Spirituality is a compass that guides many in their search for meaning and purpose. Omael, the Angel 30 has a powerful message of understanding and abundance, he can be the light on that path. Through his guidance, it is possible to find balance in our relationships, as well as to achieve deep spiritual growth.

Angel 29 Reiyel

Angel Number 29 Reiyel

Among the revered 72 Names of God, Angel 29 Reiyel emerges not just as a moniker but as a radiant beacon of guidance and light. Confronting hatred and the adversities life presents, this emblem of love and understanding binds us to ancient masters, offering an unmediated passage to the most sacred and untainted teachings.

Angel 28

Angel Number 28 Seheiah

Seheiah is not just a name among the 72 Kabbalistic angels. This heavenly being plays a leading role in the complex plot of true love, guiding us in the arduous search for our soul mate. In addition, it acts as a healer, curing diseases and directing aspirants to medicine.

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