Angel Number 29 Reiyel

Angel Number 29 Reiyel,

Number: 29
Tree of Life: is located in the sphere of Chessed “compassion”
Planetary energies: Jupiter and Sun
Zodiac sign: Leo
Zodiac Regency: from 20° to 25° Leo, 28° Aries, 9° Cancer, 20° Virgo, 3° Sagittarius and 15° Aquarius
Meaning: “God ready to help”
Prince: Tsadkiel
Regency hours: from 09:20 to 09:40

Angel 29 Reiyel

  • Reiyel helps you to shed all hatred.
  • With its powerful irradiation, it provides a great channeling of light of wisdom, love and universal compassion.
  • Put in contact with the masters of wisdom.
  • Reiyel can be found in times of crisis, so it is invoked to get rid of enemies, ward off bad energies and overcome obstacles.
  • It is related to rebirth and the end of times, for this reason, it is frequently invoked to overcome obstacles and to put an end to complex situations or stages of our lives.
  • Also, it is usually synonymous with changes and new experiences, which tells us that people influenced by this angel live constant life changes.

How to invoke the Angel Reiyel (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 09:20 to 09:40
  • Regency Jewish calendar: 20-24 of Av, 5783
  • Regency gregorian calendar: August 7-11, April 17, June 30, September 11, November 26 and February 5
  • To learn how to invoke and meditate with the 72 Names of God visit the following link »

Hebrew Letter Angel Reiyel

Angel Number 29 Reiyel,


To Remove Hate

Psalm 9, Verse 12

Angel Number 29 Reiyel,
Exalt the Lord who dwells in Zion, sing to the peoples his mighty deeds!

Characteristics of people born under the regency of the Angel Reiyel

  • Perhaps the greatest qualities of those born under the influence of the angel Reiyel are their ability to learn from their mistakes and their great adaptability to change.
  • They are flexible and open to dialogue, as well as being able to easily understand and assimilate the behavior of others.
  • In their profession, they are critical, benevolent and original people. They will be distinguished by their qualities and by their zeal in propagating the truth and destroying false and slanderous writings.
  • His conduct will be exemplary, he will love truth, peace, justice, tradition, freedom and silence.
  • Will follow the divine rules according to his level of conscience. He will lead charitable or mystical associations with his motto: non-corruption.
  • Their existence on earth is of a very high level and this can be noticed when, without knowing why, they return to the right path from which they should never have departed.
  • Reward, of course, will be an excellent renewal of life and liberation from karmic ties.
  • Life is an enlightened exaltation through your spirit.
  • Beware of creating guilt feelings about family problems because everyone is going through an evolution that is not about loss but renewal.
  • Always your house will be clean, tidy, decorated with flowers and scented with incense.
  • Professionally, you could be a painter, sculptor, or writer, because the angel manifests in the arts.

Negative Aspects (Angel Qlifot 29)

Dominates fanaticism, hypocrisy, egocentrism and racial prejudice. He will distrust the good faith of others, ridicule everything, calling “clowns” those who help their fellow men. He will want to transform religion and philosophy into things of no importance.

Reflective Story

“Undoing a curse”

Reiyel, the Sovereign of the regions of Hesed, where abundance thrives everywhere, was one of the many people who do not believe in spells, hexes, or the evil eye. But something happened to him one day that brought him to his senses and he became a victim of the witch’s horrible black magic.

Let us first examine what happened to the sovereign.

The tax collectors had already made many local visits because it was time to collect taxes. Reiyel was just and loved by many, but the last few years had been extremely difficult and he was forced to enact a tax law.

Although the sum requested was not very high, a portion of the people objected because not everyone perceived the measures favorably.

However, the King was not concerned because the collections were for the running of the kingdom and not for his economic benefit. He was concerned about the disobedience, so he sent for those responsible for the revolt.

A mysterious woman who seemed untouched by the struggles of recent years accompanied him along with her guards. When she arrived where he was, she addressed him as follows:

The monarch said to her kindly: -Good woman, why do you refuse to pay the tax if you know that it will be divided equally among all?

—Don’t think that you are lying to me; you are a rapacious king who seeks to enrich himself at our expense,— replied the questioned woman angrily.

—You are wrong; the efforts of the people will not fill my coffers. My main objective is to distribute equitably the limited resources we currently have,— said Reiyel.

Then, out of nowhere, that mysterious woman shouted a curse:

“If you take a single tithe of our labors for your benefit, may the blood that runs in your veins become as hard as stones!”

When she said this, everyone around her was so shocked that they did nothing to stop her from leaving.

According to legend, that year was the worst of all, as the king’s coffers were depleted, forcing him to spend money from collections. It was then that everyone remembered the witch’s curse.

Reiyel was paralyzed but alive. He was in a deep trance, but unable to give life. Turning to the witch for help, no one knew how to address her because they had no idea how to assist their king.

Not to fear, however, as the people saw the pain of their king and the abject poverty that enveloped the kingdom and willingly donated their meager income to save him. Not only did they succeed, but that act of love ended the witch’s evil spell and King Reiyel returned to true life once again.


Is Reiyel one of your Kabbalah guardian angels?

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  • Day of birth (emotional angel)
  • Time of birth (mental angel)

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