Angel Number 26 Haaiah

Angel Number 26 Haaiah,

Number: 26
Tree of Life: is located in the sphere of Chessed “compassion”
Planetary energies: Jupiter and Saturn
Zodiac sign: Leo
Zodiac Regency: from 5° to 10° Leo, 25° Aries, 6° Cancer, 17° Virgo, 0° Sagittarius and 12° Aquarius
Meaning: “Hidden God”
Prince: Archangel Tsadkiel
Regency hours: from 08:20 to 08:40

Angel 26 Haaiah

  • Angel to achieve order in life.
  • Haaiah and this Name relate to the pursuit of righteous, equitable and benevolent justice.
  • Confers the energy to pursue the realization of one’s legitimate desires and goals in harmony with the Law.
  • Angel is related to justice, truth and law, which bestows upon its wards the virtues of patience, hope and sincerity.
  • Generally invoked to obtain benefits in judicial processes or to make judges bow before us.

How to invoke the Angel Haaiah (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 08:20 to 08:40
  • Regency Jewish calendar: 5-9 of Av, 5783
  • Regency gregorian calendar: July 23-27, April 14, June 25, September 8, November 23 and February 2
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Hebrew Letter Angel Haaiah

Angel Number 26 Haaiah,


Putting Order in Life

Psalm 97, Verse 1

Angel Number 26 Haaiah,
Lord reigns; let the earth rejoice, let the many isles be glad.

Characteristics of people born under the regency of the Angel Haaiah

  • Among the main qualities of those born under the influence of Haaiah are patience, objectivity and reactivity.
  • They are determined and act with serenity and great precision even in situations of great pressure. They are understanding, tolerant and dedicated beings, who are capable of sacrificing their benefit for the benefit of others.
  • Likes solid affections and logical solutions. They are endowed with compassion and balance.
  • Knows that earthly laws can and must be changed. He respects the laws of the universe and considers the word destiny as synonymous with change and renewal.
  • Works tirelessly in search of knowledge to build his ideals.
  • They like to travel and adapt easily to the climate, the people and the language.
  • Access to high social and governmental spheres and will be a messenger of peace, a conscious collaborator of divine providence.
  • With a transcendental mission, he will be a restorer of the divine order, a secret chief of the high white magic, even without being conscious of this because his spirit is ascended, it does not mean that his conscience and body are ascended.
  • Professionally he could be a tour guide, pilot, politician, or work with oracles.

Negative Aspects (Angel Qlifot 26)

Dominated by ambition, treachery, conspiracy, indiscretion and black magic, he will not know how to keep secrets, will oppose just causes, will violate correspondences and mistreat people who wish to help him. He will not know how to keep secrets, will oppose just causes, will violate correspondences and will mistreat people who wish to help him.

Reflective Story

“The Power of Honesty”

As they were going to name the leaders who had been elected to lead the delegations of each course, there was a lot of expectation in the school that day.

Young Haaiah, our protagonist and self-described “politician,” was on the list of hopefuls and had high expectations for the position of the delegate.

Haaiah had been very diplomatic in his first campaign and had made several promises that his supporters would not soon forget.

He wasted a lot of time and effort trying to convince everyone that he was the ideal person to represent their interests to the government, but it seems that his efforts were not entirely in vain because the “politician” was elected by a wide margin to the post.

From now on he would have to work hard to keep the people who had placed their trust in him happy. He was sure that he would succeed and that everyone would approve of his actions.

And he would strive to live up to his promise to act as a fair and equitable, responsible, tenacious and very forthcoming delegate. That was, in fact, his motto. He was there. He was to make that place a utopia where everyone would live happily ever after.

Although those ideas were still fresh in his mind, Haaiah saw the passage of time and the fact that many of the goals he had in mind had not yet been accomplished and some of them he had not even been able to take on.

He understood that dealing with the administration would not be easy, but he also knew that any setback would not mean failure, so he decided to make things difficult for them. He managed to rally his co-workers around a strike.

Confident that it would work and that management would agree to the demands they were making.

But just as he was about to declare triumph, he received a summons to appear before the school board. Our friend believed they intended to negotiate and told himself he would not give an inch.

—Please come in, young man,— invited a sympathetic voice. —Allow me to speak on behalf of my companions because we want to make you a proposal that we are sure a boy of your intelligence will not be able to refuse.

The young Haaiah responded, thinking he had won the game.

—Well, we have seen how good you are as a course delegate and we find it regrettable that a skill like yours should be wasted on something as basic as defending the interests of a single course.

—We suggest that you become secretary of the administration and represent us in the General Council. How would you respond?

The “politician” was so surprised that he could not contain it. He was aware of being bought. The concept was extremely seductive, although he understood that accepting it would mean betraying his co-workers.

He had always imagined having it. Everything seemed to point to him accepting the idea, but his response was denial.

—I decline your offer, please. You have my sincere gratitude, but I cannot aspire to power if it means betraying my friends.

Thus, Haaiah persisted in his search for the truth, but this time he would do so armed with a weapon that no one could take away from him: HONESTY.


Is Haaiah one of your Kabbalah guardian angels?

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