Chiron Retrograde in Aries

Chiron Retrograde in Aries,

The cosmos is set to stage an emotionally charged celestial ballet on July 23, 2023: Chiron, commonly referred to as the “wounded healer”, will commence its retrograde journey in Aries amidst a powerful surge of astral energies.

What could Chiron’s retrograde motion in 2023 mean for you?

The shifting positions of the Lunar Nodes, the emergence of the New Moon in Cancer, the Sun’s ingress into its home sign of Leo and Venus in its retrograde phase, all coexist on the celestial sphere just prior to Chiron—a unique asteroid—beginning its retrograde course.

This cosmic amalgam amplifies Chiron’s healing potential, offering an opportunity to transmute our profound wounds into avenues for fresh beginnings.

Not until December 26, 2023, will Chiron resume its direct path, a period during which we might acquire profound wisdom, compassion and comprehension of the lessons our wounds have endeavored to impart.

Now is the moment to delve deeper into the energy of Chiron and discover what its retrograde trajectory in 2023 might unveil. Chiron, named after the celebrated centaur of Greek mythology, holds a plethora of insights within his mythological narrative.

Chiron: The Wounded Healer

Mythology portrays Chiron as an entity forsaken at birth, grappling from the onset with isolation and heartbreak. Yet, it was this very affliction that catalyzed his transformation, converting his wounds into a fountain of healing.

Chiron’s scars laid the foundation of his wisdom, sculpting him into an influential healer, mentor oracle and philosopher. He navigated his path of life by his wounds, using them as a compass leading him toward inner resilience. Although his wounds persistently accompanied him, he permitted them to morph into gateways of wisdom, compassion and knowledge, thus earning him the title of the wounded healer.

Each of us harbors a personal Chiron within us, possessing the ability to metamorphose our wounds and pain points into a bastion of strength. As Rumi, the illustrious poet, sagely articulated, it is through our wounds that light permeates.

Anubis: The Guardian of the Underworld and the Power of Compassion and Forgiveness

On the cosmic stage, Chiron carves its trajectory between Saturn and Uranus, a pivotal detail when deciphering the energy this asteroid introduces. While Saturn, with its terrestrial potency, grounds us, Uranus, renowned as a high-frequency planet, stirs, awakens and can even incite the release of Kundalini energy.

Acting as a conduit between these disparate states of existence, Chiron is occasionally referred to as the Rainbow Bridge, symbolizing the connection between one plane of consciousness and the subsequent one. This concept is further extrapolated in Egyptian astrology, where Chiron is recognized as Anpu or Anubis, the deity of the afterlife and the guardian of wayward souls.

Indeed, numerous myths and legends foundational to Western astrology have their origins in Egyptian and Babylonian astrological customs. Anubis can be perceived as Chiron’s alter ego.

Much like the centaur, Anubis was deserted in his infancy. Nonetheless, this painful commencement facilitated his ascension to the esteemed role of Guardian of the Underworld, responsible for receiving the deceased and escorting them during their transition to the afterlife.

Such a role necessitates a distinctive soul and it was Anubis’ personal affliction that empowered him to nurture the compassion, discernment and fidelity required to guide souls on their journey.

When either Chiron or Anubis deviate from their course, we are offered the chance to delve into our own wounds, pondering how we might transmute them into powerful sources of healing.

Chiron’s energy does not chase perfection through healing but encourages the acknowledgment and acceptance of our wounds. In doing so, we can extract from them the wisdom they bear.

Chiron in Aries: A Portal to Healing and Transformation

The remedy offered by Chiron is not centered around “correcting” ourselves to earn something. We possess intrinsic worth, regardless of the wounds we carry. This lesson is especially resonant with Chiron now in Aries, the sign of the unyielding ram.

With Chiron situated in Aries, we receive bolstered support in uncovering the resilience, assurance and bravery that can emerge from confronting our wounds, viewing them not as origins of torment but as wellsprings of potential.

Chiron in Aries implores us to let our wounds inspire, fuel and fortify us, rather than construing them as shackles that bind or diminish our courage. Wounds ache and some are so profound they never abandon us. But that’s acceptable. Perfection is not requisite to leading an optimal life.

We can harness this retrograde energy not to veil our wounds but to recognize that akin to Chiron and Anubis, our afflictions can frequently serve as compasses guiding us to our destiny.

Utilize this phase to contemplate the lessons imparted by your wounds. Understand them, find comfort with them, liberate yourself from judgment and simply coexist with the pain they generate.

As you acclimate to their existence, reflect on what these wounds have taught you, how they have molded you and the wisdom they can provide. Welcome the wisdom and potential your wounds can contribute to your life.

Exercises for Chiron Retrograde

  1. Identify a profound pain you’ve endured. Endeavor, even momentarily, to detach from that suffering and challenge yourself to list five lessons this experience has bestowed upon you.
  2. Consider a conflict you’re grappling with involving another. Extract yourself from your emotions briefly and strive to perceive the situation from the other party’s perspective, with compassion. Observe what surfaces. Repeat the exercise, this time discovering compassion for yourself in the same situation. Note what arises.
  3. Reflect on a painful wound from your past—how has this wound motivated you and how can it continue to inspire you in the future?
  4. Prompts for your personal journal:
    – If my pain could articulate, it would like you to know…
    – Upon reflecting on my struggles, I feel gratitude because…
    – Today, I feel stronger because…

This period of Chiron retrograde in Aries presents a singular opportunity for introspection and personal growth. The suggested exercises beckon you to look beyond the pain, to extract learning from your painful experiences and to understand how these wounds have sculpted and inspired you.

Through compassion and gratitude, they inspire you to acknowledge your inherent strength and resilience. Use this time to confront your wounds and transform them into sources of wisdom and strength, mirroring Chiron, the wounded healer.

This article is the culmination of a valuable collaboration with Tanaaz, a preeminent intuitive astrologer. Tanaaz is committed to wielding her writing prowess as a potent conduit of healing and inspiration and her input has been instrumental in enriching the content and perspective of this piece.

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