Season of Eclipses in Scorpio

Season of Eclipses in Scorpio,

The eclipse season is always a highly transformative time. They are doors that open to the next stage of your soul’s progress. On this rapid path, we often experience abrupt changes that can be life-changing.

Eclipse Season in Scorpio — October and November 2022

Eclipses can have different effects on us; some we will feel strongly about, while others we will barely notice them.

However, eclipses often provide the bridge you have been looking for if a significant soul upgrade is needed in your life or if you are nearing the conclusion of a journey or looking for a stepping stone to a new one.

Two eclipses that coordinate with each other are usually present throughout the eclipse season. Although eclipses have a deadline, we can feel them up to a month before and a month after because of how powerful their energy is.

Two eclipses in this final eclipse season of 2022

A total blood moon lunar eclipse on November 8 and a solar eclipse at the new moon on October 25.

These eclipses are interacting with those that occurred in April and May of this year. The plot may continue from this point or certain motifs may reappear.

It seems a bit difficult to distinguish the energy of the Solar Eclipse at the height of the New Moon from the Blood Moon in November, although this article will concentrate on the first Eclipse in the series.

The softer energies of the October Solar Eclipse can be dampened by the much more powerful Blood Moon. It is a partial eclipse and a gentle introduction to the energy of the eclipse season.

They will coincide with new moons that are gateways to new beginnings and create new energetic paths to follow. They help remind us why we are here thanks to their lively and even enticing energy.

We will feel motivated or even eager to plant new seeds and start a new chapter in our lives during a Partial Solar Eclipse.

Solar Eclipse in the Sign of Scorpio

The placement of this solar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio causes us to connect with a deeper aspect of our soul, gain a better vision of who we are and peel back some layers to unveil a new truth.

Under this Solar Eclipse, Venus, the planet of love, beauty and expansion of the heart, is particularly active and radiates peaceful vibrations out into the cosmos.

We can use the energy of the solar eclipse to open our hearts, give and receive love in our lives and reflect on what we truly value, as Venus is currently in a very active phase.

May find it easier to focus on what matters most to us, to love and give. We may even gain the clarity needed to help us navigate any difficulties in our relationships under this heart-expanding energy.

Our hearts may decide that a certain dynamic is no longer something we want to be a part of, or we may find that they are ready to open up and move on to the next chapter.

Your work

It is often involved in relationships and during this Solar Eclipse, you might intuitively know whether you want to continue working on it, alter the way you approach it, or stop working on it altogether.

Although the choice you make must come from your own heart, know that cosmic help is on your side if you want to overcome some obstacles and get further in the work.

Venus and Goddess energy are so potent at this time, you will find that you are embracing this dynamic more in your personal life. Embracing feminine energy increases our sense of self-worth, nurtures our creativity and awakens our inherent capacity for compassion.

Moon in Scorpio

The Scorpio Moon’s influence on feminine energy also helps us to embrace the wisdom of Mother Nature, stand up for what feels good in our soul and to awaken our sexual energy.

Any pent-up feminine energy can also begin to emerge and yearn, to be heard, felt and expressed.

This Solar Eclipse in Scorpio can be used to reflect on the value of community building and our relationships with other people. It is the ideal time to plant the seeds to attract a like-minded, encouraging and supportive group if you have been feeling lonely, especially since the pandemic.

The energy of this Eclipse

Use the energy of this Eclipse to your advantage by making an effort to expand your heart, strengthen your community and further align your ideals.

It is important to keep in mind that while intentions can be set at a New Moon if the energy seems right, it often does not take much effort to do so.

We must take this opportunity to relax, go with the flow and have faith in what the Universe needs to come to us, as eclipses have the power that helps to create, move and shift where we need to be.

The feminine energy of this Eclipse

The increased feminine energy of this Eclipse also naturally helps us learn to relax, accept and trust the direction we are being led.

When we first accept things as they are, sometimes the most significant changes can occur. Out of this acceptance can come new concepts, sources of inspiration and modes of existence.

Keep an open mind and use this time to rejuvenate, protect and nurture your body, mind and spirit. Stay calm and focus on the enchanting energy of Venus that is growing our hearts.

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