Tips to know someone’s sign

Tips to know someone’s sign,

Find out the compatibility of your zodiac signs using these strategies to get someone’s birth information without asking or seeming intrusive.

Tricks to know a person’s sign and find out if you are compatible

Based on our planetary personalities, astrology is a technique that shows us how romantically compatible we are with other people.

Although horoscopes are more popular than ever, not everyone is comfortable talking about their natal chart or other personal information. We offer you some professional tips for getting to know someone’s sign without getting up close and personal with them.

Sun, rising and moon signs are the parts of the natal chart that can tell a lot about how someone will love and express themselves in a relationship. To determine these signs, you must know the person’s birth date, including the year, their birthplace and the approximate time they came into the world.

These simple steps will help you figure out the sign of the person you’re interested in…

Straightforward questions

The first tip may seem simple, but it’s the most natural. Everyone has heard of zodiac signs, whether they believe in astrology or not.

Asking someone directly about their birth date is not a violation of their privacy when done for these reasons, plus it’s a great way to break the ice. It’s something fun that can get them talking.

Check out their social networks

These days, adding someone as a “friend” on Facebook is a pretty informal process. If not, just check their feed to see when they’ve celebrated one of their birthdays and get an estimated day on the calendar.

Their date of birth should be listed somewhere on their profile. However, you’ll need to use additional techniques to determine his rising sign, which is determined using his birth time and city.

Using reverse psychology

Reverse psychology with a male partner can be quite beneficial because women are more receptive to learning about zodiac signs than men, according to astrology specialists.

When you tell them you like astrology, they will immediately ask you why. It will be an opportunity to ask them about their birth and do a little demonstration if they don’t think it’s real.

Find out if they prefer day or night

Astrology experts claim that there is a relationship between the time of our birth and whether we prefer morning or evening activities.

That is, if you like the morning, you were probably born during the day; if you like midnight activities, you may have been born during the night. Thus, even indicating whether you like morning or evening can provide some information.

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