Lunar Nodes in Aries

Lunar Nodes in Aries,

Have you ever contemplated the profound impact celestial movements have on our existence? The Lunar Nodes orbiting contrarily to the planets, offer us a unique chance to examine our hidden shadows and embark on a path towards liberation. In this discussion, we’ll journey through their trajectory, from the Taurus-Scorpio to the Aries-Libra axis and uncover how these celestial points stimulate our individual and collective evolution.

The Lunar Nodes: Tracing Our Cosmic Time from Aries to Libra

Following an eighteen-month traverse along the Taurus-Scorpio axis, the Lunar Nodes – celestial bodies that move counter to the planets – embark on a new phase within the Aries-Libra alignment. This event, which reoccurs roughly every 18 years and 7 months, will commence on July 13, per the “average” Node and on the 18th, as per the “true” Node.

Recall January 2022, the last time the Lunar Nodes transited the Taurus-Scorpio axis. The world bore witness to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a cataclysm that spurred a global financial crisis, dramatically inflating oil prices and causing innumerable human casualties, alongside the forced displacement of millions.

But what does the Lunar Nodes‘ transit truly signify?

Between Aries and Libra: The Influence of Lunar Nodes on Our Identity Quest

Reflecting on the times when the Nodes return to their birth position illuminates the significant impact of these celestial points, which result from the dynamic interaction among the Moon, Earth and Sun.

At 18, we undergo our first Nodal return, often denoting our initial move towards independence from our parents and the pursuit of self-reliance.

During the second return, around age 37, we experience a societal and governmental imposition of rules and regulations, akin to a parental role – often associated with the midlife crisis.

This period heralds reevaluation, refinement and emancipation from outdated dependencies, potentially heralding pivotal life changes like marriage, divorce or the arrival of our first child.

With a reversal every 9 years, the Lunar Nodes hold karmic significance. The South Node embodies our ancestral heritage, while the North Node illuminates the path to evolve from this legacy. Therefore, engaging with these concepts may demand profound introspection and confrontation with our shadow aspects and familial obligations.

Recalling 2022 can clarify this process when the South Node in Scorpio compelled us to grapple with our uncomfortable facets and scrutinize the roots of our internal shadows. Did we lose a family member? Did we inherit a debt or secure a loan? These represent some of the topics the Nodes provoke on the Taurus-Scorpio axis.

Aries-Libra Cycle: Lunar Nodes and the Prospect of Rediscovery and Liberation

The current Aries-Libra cycle invites us to evaluate our alliances, questioning whether they are self-imposed or simply reflections of familial or societal norms. With the South Node in Libra, guided by Venus and the North Node in Aries, under Mars’ influence, we are encouraged to find a balanced compromise that facilitates our progress.

Here, the ruler of the North Node, Mars, offers a chance for the birth of an authentic Hero. Not one who invades foreign lands to exert power but one ready to collaborate for the collective good. This process, akin to the myth of Hercules, may entail battling our desires, vanity and hubris.

In essence, this Lunar Nodes passage through Aries-Libra is a call for detachment from unnecessary attachments and reevaluation of life aspects stifling our creativity.

The North Node in Aries signals our rebirth as individuals and as a collective in a world on the brink of a new technological revolution. A path brimming with challenges and opportunities lies ahead, leading us to physical and psychological territories yet unexplored.

The Impact of Lunar Nodes on Our Existence

Just like the indelible imprints of past lives – if one subscribes to reincarnation – or our ‘genetic legacy’, for those favoring more empirical interpretations… continue reading>>

This discussion is an astrological guide rooted in the work of Cristina Laird, an eminent astrologer and the mind behind Archetypal Astrology. Our aim is to offer insights that support your personal growth. Remember, this knowledge should serve as a supplementary tool, not an unassailable dictate of our lives.