The New Supermoon in Pisces: A Fresh Start

The New Supermoon in Pisces: A Fresh Start,

Under Neptune’s sway, the New Supermoon in Pisces on March 10 emerges as a formidable ally for those in quest of clarity and direction in their lives. By focusing on visualization and setting intentions, we can begin to mold the future we long for.

Embracing New Beginnings: The Transformative Power of the New Moon in Pisces

Come March 10, 2024, the New Supermoon in Pisces heralds an entryway into new and enchanted territories.

New moons symbolize the start of a cycle, and this particular one steers us toward the refreshed energies of the astrological new year and the transformative energies of the Eclipse season that follows this New Moon.

This makes the New Moon in Pisces our chance to dream; our moment to set intentions and visualize what we wish to create from this point forward. During this period, we will find ourselves especially creative, daydreaming, imagining, and conceiving new inspirations and ideas.

Indeed, the March New Moon is among the best of the year for kindling our creative fire and diving deep into our dreams and intuitive practices.

We will be supported in these life areas, making it the perfect time to harness this energy and allow ourselves to flow. Creative action is encouraged under this New Moon, but try not to overanalyze.

This energy is about following our feelings, flowing with what emerges, and trusting our inner voice. It does not want us to get tangled in the mind with all the details; it wants us to listen to the heart, to trust, to flow, and to be okay with not knowing the way forward.

This type of surrender, this level of trust, is not always easy, but the New Moon invites us to ride this wave.

If you are going through a tough time, try to sidestep control or planning, and instead, connect with your body. Feel your way through the situation and accept taking each step as it comes. One day at a time, one moment at a time, just being present with what is.

Unlock Your Future: Neptune’s Influence under the New Moon and Crafting Intentions

Neptune, the planet of hopes and dreams, is active under this New Moon, creating wonderful and supportive energies around setting intentions, especially when it comes to our future. What future do you wish to create? Where do you see yourself in 6 or even 12 months?

  • Close your eyes and envision your perfect day from start to finish.
  • Now imagine your ideal relationship or job.
  • As you do, focus on how you feel as you let your imagination run free. Lean into each sensation, knowing that this magical practice is helping to send your desires into the Universe.

Leverage the gift of visualization to see in your mind’s eye how wounds heal, illnesses or stress vanish from your body, or the perfect place to live. The visualization tool is meant for dreaming, exploring higher realms, or for past life regressions.

The Supermoon Magic: Life’s New Chapters with the New Moon in Pisces

The New Moon in Pisces is deemed a Supermoon, as it will be exceptionally close to Earth. Although the New Moon itself won’t be visible, we will feel its energy more intensely. This is the second New Supermoon in a sequence that we are destined to experience in the coming months.

Having so many New Supermoons in succession signifies that we are truly being supported to begin a new chapter and to focus on this energy of new beginnings.

It’s noteworthy that we currently have no planets in retrograde, which means we have a significant forward momentum supporting us from all corners of the cosmos.

Use these New Supermoon gateways to bring new, fresh, and inspired energy into every aspect of your life. Keep in mind that the New Moon of March is particularly the best for holding that vision and allowing your creative inspirations to soar.

Eclipse Energies: Deep Transformation and the Awakening of Consciousness with the Following Full Moon

New Moons mark the beginning of the lunar cycle, and Full Moons, the peak of this cycle. The Full Moon following this New Moon is, in fact, a Lunar Eclipse, which adds even more to its potency.

Eclipses are always a period of high transformation within the year. They tend to bring changes, shifts, and upheavals that allow us to move forward and reach a new evolution of consciousness. Although they can sometimes be challenging, eclipses always place us where we need to be.

The Eclipse following this New Moon will illuminate our relationships, so we might start to feel hints of that work under the New Moon in Pisces.

We may find ourselves feeling more compassion and forgiveness. Our romantic side might take over, helping us to soften and mend discord. However, while this is a beautiful energy, we must be cautious not to make decisions through rose-colored glasses.

If you have to make a significant decision regarding your relationships, it would be wise to wait until after the Lunar Eclipse on March 25, to have all the information.

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