Angel Number 72 Mumiah

Angel Number 72 Mumiah,

Number: 72
Tree of life: located in the sphere of Yesod and means foundation.
Planetary energies: Moon
Zodiac sign: Pisces
Zodiac Regency: 25° to 30° Pisces, 9° Gemini, 21° Leo, 1° Scorpio, 15° Capricorn and 27° Pisces
Meaning: “God the end of all things”.
Prince: Archangel Gabriel
Regency hours: 23:40 to 00:00

Angel 72 Mumiah: The Power of Purification and Finalization

Mumiah, the name and angel that closes the cycle of the seventy-two, is known for his ability to correct physical and moral defects, as well as his ability to negotiate successfully. But his true specialty is purification and correction of negative karma.

Meditation with Mumiah is a profound cleansing work that eliminates transgressions from past lives. As the omega, he represents the end of all things and his invocation is essential for those seeking to culminate projects and close cycles properly.

Mumiah grants realization and success and is a powerful aid in finishing and completing things that have been undertaken. He also helps discern illusions and mirages of the lower astral, bringing all subtle energies to earth and materializing any intention.

This angel is also known for his ability to heal diseases related to body fluids. His strong connection to nature makes him a powerful ally to protect against unknown magical operations and to triumph and make useful discoveries.

In addition, Mumiah masters physics, chemistry, and medicine making him a reliable guide on protecting against dangers and longevity.

How to invoke the Angel 72 Mumiah (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 23:40 to 00:00
  • Regency Jewish calendar: 29 Adar to 3 Adar II, 5784
  • Regency Gregorian calendar: March 9 to 13, May 31, August 11, October 22, January 2 and March 14

The dates indicated refer to the year of regency approximately to the year 2024. The physical angel of determines the position of the Sun by quinary (set of five degrees) in your birth chart. The emotional angel by the position of the sun by zodiac degree and the mental angel depends on the actual local time of birth. A precise calculation is needed. If you are interested in actually discovering your birth angels corresponding to the day of your birth, click here

Angel Number 72 Mumiah,

Hebrew Letter Angel 72 Mumiah

Angel Number 72 Mumiah,


Correcting Physical and Moral Defects

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Psalm 131, Verse 3

Angel Number 72 Mumiah,
Israel, put your hope in the Lord from now on and forever.

Magnetism of Angel 72 Mumiah: Characteristics and abilities of those born under its regency

His powerful magnetism influences those born under Mumiah’s regency and finds motivation in change, which brings life to their existence. They understand that to begin a new stage successfully, they must completely close the previous one, which has led them to stand out for their multiple achievements and honors.

These individuals are lovers of change and fortune, characterized by being active, hardworking, and faithful to their ideals, qualities that make them excellent leaders. Those protected by Mumiah are usually tolerant and understanding, although sometimes a bit stubborn, finding happiness in sharing their tastes and passions with people who are just as active and intellectual as they are. They are enemies of mediocrity and are always exploring what they do not know.

They detest conformism and, for this reason, usually reap many successes in the professional field, since once they manage to reach the top of a project, they immediately set new objectives. They will be remembered for their wonderful discoveries, revealing the secrets of nature and always speaking words of strength and courage against evil and injustice.

Mumiah has endowed them with superior strength, allowing them to unleash events not only for themselves but also for those who need their initiative. They will fight for their ideals and work magnificently, paying special attention to the study of the laws.

They will attract wealth and power through their words and be deep connoisseurs of the relationship between the macro and microcosmos. Regarding their career, they may stand out as renowned teachers or great lawyers. They will study nature and work with elementals, alternative or oriental medicine, and philosophies such as “Tantra” yoga. They will be known for their deep knowledge of metaphysics.

They will attract wealth and power through their words and be deep connoisseurs of the relationship between the macro and microcosmos. Regarding their career, they may stand out as renowned teachers or great lawyers. They will study nature and work with elementals, alternative or oriental medicine, and philosophies such as “Tantra” yoga. They will be known for their deep knowledge of metaphysics.

Toxic Power of the Qliphoth Angel 72: Count Andromalius

Count Andromalius, the seventy-second demon in the infernal hierarchy as cataloged by King Solomon, commands thirty-six legions of demons.

This formidable entity is renowned for its unique ability to retrieve stolen goods, returning the thief and the stolen items to their rightful owner. His authority extends beyond merely reclaiming possessions; he also metes out severe punishments to thieves and those whose deeds veer into wickedness.

Andromalius has the power to unveil hidden treasures, thereby exposing evil and fraudulent schemes lurking in the shadows.

He is most commonly depicted as a man holding a serpent, a symbol of his link to hidden knowledge and the depths of cunning. The serpent, often viewed as a token of renewal and life cycles due to its ability to shed its skin, represents Andromalius’s capacity to illuminate the concealed and punish those who stray from the path of righteousness.

Andromalius’s expertise in financial matters underscores his role as a guardian against theft and economic loss, ensuring that wealth is safeguarded from those with malevolent intentions.

His jurisdiction also covers protection against all forms of dishonesty, acting as a bulwark against corruption and deceit. Thus, this infernal count stands as a figure of authority and justice in the esoteric realm, maintaining order and penalizing those who violate the principles of morality and honesty.

The Legacy of Mumiah

“The lesson of change and rebirth”

Once upon a time, there was Yesod, a young girl who was about to say goodbye to her beloved grandfather, Mumiah. Although it was said that losing a loved one was the hardest experience in life, Mumiah did not want Yesod to become depressed. “You should not be sad, little one,” he said. “It is bad for the heart and will make you age faster.”

But Yesod was devastated. “How can I be happy when you are dying?” she asked, fighting back tears.

Mumiah explained to her that he was proud of his seventy-two years of life and that, although life was lovely, it was nothing more than a reflection of the splendor that awaited him elsewhere. “I am happy because I have finished my work and now, like a ripe fruit, I must depart from this world to be born again in another.”

Yesod was concerned and asked how he was so sure of what he said. But Mumiah smiled sweetly and reminded her that years make us wise.

“Does nature mourn when one of its trees offers its ripe fruit to the ground? No, on the contrary, it is proud because that fruit contains a fresh seed and only through its disappearance will it revive, sprout, and become a tree again. Do you understand, my little one?”

Mumiah’s words awakened Yesod’s consciousness and she began to perceive things differently. Despite her pain at the loss of her grandfather, she found peace in the idea that he would be well-received wherever he was born again.

Over time, Yesod committed to never abandoning the mission of distributing the enormous fortune she had inherited from her grandfather. But when conflict broke out and people began resorting to suicide to escape suffering and pain, Yesod did not give up. Despite exhaustion, she strove to help the sick and the desperate, strengthened by the wisdom her grandfather had left her.

With her persistence, Yesod became a sublime light that illuminated the lives of others. And so, the legacy of Mumiah lived on through her, who had learned the principle of change and rebirth that applies to everything in life.

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