Angel Number 65 Damabiah

Angel Number 65 Damabiah,

Number: 65
Tree of life: sphere of Yesod and signifies the foundation
Planetary energies: Moon and Uranus
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Zodiac Regency: 20° to 25° Aquarius, 2° Gemini, 14° Leo, 25° Libra, 8° Capricorn and 20° Pisces
Meaning: “God’s Source of wisdom”
Prince: Archangel Gabriel
Regency hours: 21:20 to 21:40

Angel 65 Damabiah: To Be Aware of Assisting Rather Than Judging

Damabiah stands out as a beacon of wisdom, offering intellectual knowledge and the kind of wisdom that can only be acquired through intuition—those flashes of brilliance that light our path in the darkest moments.

The essence of Damabiah lies in its ability to merge spiritual wisdom with the deepest currents of our subconscious mind. This connection is not manifested through logical thoughts or complex reasoning but through powerful intuitions and moments of profound clarity that arise from the depths of our being. It’s as if Damabiah endows us with exceptional sensitivity, opening the door to perceptions that go beyond the limits of our five senses.

But Damabiah is much more than a bridge to extrasensory perception. It is the guardian of heart wisdom, that deep understanding born from our true emotions genuinely connects us with others and ourselves. It teaches us to look within our being, to recognize how our psyche reflects our spiritual essence, and through this self-knowledge, to find true enlightenment.

Invoking Damabiah is to open oneself to a world where the success of our projects and protection against negative energies become possible. Also known as the angel of the waters, its influence is especially potent in those who are in tune with the sea, whether sailors, marine researchers, or those undertaking deep-sea voyages. Its guidance promises success in endeavors linked to the vast and mysterious ocean, as well as a support for coastal communities and those whose lives and livelihoods depend on the sea.

How to invoke the Angel 65 Damabiah (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 21:20 to 21:40
  • Regency Jewish calendar: 5 to 9 from Shevat, 5785
  • Regency Gregorian calendar: February 3 to 7, May 24, August 4, October 15, December 26, and March 7

Dates indicated refer to the year of regency approximately to the year 2024. The physical angel determines the position of the Sun by quinary (set of five degrees) in your birth chart. The emotional angel by the position of the sun by zodiac degree and the mental angel depends on the actual local time of birth. A precise calculation is needed. If you are interested in actually discovering your birth angels corresponding to the day of your birth, click here

Angel Number 65 Damabiah,

Hebrew Letter Angel 65 Damabiah

Angel Number 65 Damabiah,


To Help and Not to Judge

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Psalm 90, Verse 13

Angel Number 65 Damabiah,
Turn thee, O Lord; how long? And be placated toward your servants.

Characteristics of Those Born Under the Influence of Angel 65 Damabiah

Individuals under the benevolent guidance of Angel Damabiah are distinguished by their sincerity, serenity, and adaptability, qualities that enable them to skillfully navigate the turbulent waters of life. They possess a remarkable ability to face and overcome challenges, turning adversities into springboards toward new and bold initiatives.

Their resilience is admired, as they do not allow difficulties to plunge them into despair; on the contrary, they quickly find ways to emerge strengthened from each situation.

The dominion of Damabiah endows its proteges with an unbreakable spirit and a life perspective that combines generosity, nobility, and a heightened sense of purpose. They aspire not only for personal success but also to make meaningful contributions that resonate in their surroundings, making a difference through discoveries and innovations.

Adventurers at heart, those guided by Damabiah live life fully, exploring new frontiers and embracing surprise as a constant in their existence. Their restless nature leads them to change residence frequently, always in search of new horizons and experiences that enrich their soul.

In the emotional realm, they enjoy a rich emotional life, valuing freedom above all and rejecting any form of restriction that limits their adventurous spirit. Their integrity prevents them from harming others out of selfishness or taking advantage of those in vulnerable situations.

Professionally, those born under the influence of Damabiah can excel in fields that require leadership, such as politics or justice, where they can make a significant impact thanks to their ability to lead and motivate others.

Open to learning and with an insatiable desire for knowledge, they excel in language learning and exploring diverse cultures, which allows them to enrich their worldview and their understanding of human diversity.

The proteges of Damabiah are exceptional beings, whose lives are marked by a constant search for growth, adventure, and a deep desire to leave a positive mark on the world.

Negative Aspects (Qliphoth Angel 65): The Marquis Andrealphus

The Marquis Andrealphus presides over thirty legions of demons, wielding his domain with undisputed authority. Deeply rooted in the traditions of the Infernal Sabbath, he stands out for his ability to impart knowledge in areas such as astronomy, geometry, and chemistry, in addition to specializing in the teaching of measurements.

Andrealphus guides his followers on astral journeys or dreams, taking the form of a bird, which symbolizes his capacity to transcend earthly limits and explore the vast realms of esoteric knowledge.

Commonly represented with the image of a peacock, Andrealphus possesses the peculiarity of speaking in two tones of voice simultaneously, one high and one low, reinforcing his dual nature and his mastery over hidden mysteries.

His specialization in astrology allows him to offer unique and deep perspectives on the cosmos, thus enriching those who seek to understand the celestial movements and their influence on the earthly world.

Legend of Angel Damabiah: The Fountain of Wisdom

In silence and stillness, Damabiah felt restless. With a world full of knowledge to discover, the idea of remaining static was unbearable to him. Despite the late hour, these thoughts kept him awake.

He spoke to himself, under the starry mantle, from the deck of his ship, where he had lived countless adventures, as if the stars could hear him.

The calm sea mirrored the full moon, which shone brightly, reflecting the majesty of a sun hidden on the horizon, dressed in its most radiant splendor.

Absorbed in that spectacle, the moon suddenly came to life and called him by name, urging him to seek the Fountain of Wisdom.

Damabiah, incredulous, rubbed his eyes, thinking he was the victim of a spell, but the moon’s luminous smile remained.

Confused, he questioned what he saw, fearing an illusion. The playful moon dared him to fish for its reflection. Casting his hook, Damabiah snagged a mysterious chest that, upon opening, revealed an ancient map marking the way to the Fountain of Wisdom.

At dawn, he thanked the moon, whose face was still reflected in the waters. Then, he summoned forty brave fishermen and promised unparalleled rewards if they reached the island of Yeshoch in search of that hidden treasure.

They sailed in all directions, challenging the rising tide, determined to fulfill their mission. Damabiah’s courage was indisputable, though some sailors harbored doubts.

Soon, a fierce storm threatened to drag them into the abyss. The wind had to subside, or the sea would claim them. Superstitions surfaced among the crew, convinced they had provoked the dark entities of the ocean.

Damabiah, seeing fear take hold of his men, intervened:

“Cast out fear and strengthen your spirit. By overcoming our fears, we will calm the storm.”

And so, as they regained serenity, the storm subsided, restoring their peace.

At dawn, the promised land was outlined on the horizon. On the island of Yeshoch, they found the longed-for Fountain of Wisdom. Some decided to stay, while others returned, rich in goods and wisdom, ready to conquer new horizons.

All, in one way or another, found their happiness.

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