Angel Number 69 Rochel

Angel Number 69 Rochel,

Number: 69
Tree of Life: located in the sphere of Yesod and means foundation
Planetary energies: Moon and Sun
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Zodiac Regency: 10° to 15° Pisces, 6° Gemini, 18° Leo, 29° Libra, 12° Capricorn and 24° Pisces
Meaning: “God who sees all”
Prince: Archangel Gabriel
Regency hours: 22:40 to 23:00

Angel 69 Rochel: Marriage blessings, guidance in times of confusion, and protection against theft

The name Angel 69 Rochel is considered a marriage blessing, whether between a man and a woman or between a soul and divinity. This name is governed by the angel of temperance, who represents the balance of yin-yang energies and inner union.

It is said that Angel Rochel has the power to help us find what we have lost, due to his connection with revelations and mysteries. He is also invoked in cases of theft to reveal the perpetrator.

When we feel lost and confused, not knowing which path to take, Angel Rochel offers us his help and illuminates our way. In addition, he influences the fame and fortune of lawyers and magistrates.

Unlocking the Power of Angel 69 Rochel: A Guide to Invoking Its Divine Influence through Dates and Times

  • Schedule: 22:40 to 23:00
  • Regency Jewish calendar: Shevat 25 to 29, 5785
  • Regency Gregorian calendar: February 23 to 27, May 28, August 8, October 19, December 30 and March 11

The dates indicated refer to the year of regency approximately to the year 2024. The physical angel of determines the position of the Sun by quinary (set of five degrees) in your birth chart. The emotional angel by the position of the sun by zodiac degree and the mental angel depends on the actual local time of birth. A precise calculation is needed. If you are interested in actually discovering your birth angels corresponding to the day of your birth, click here

Angel Number 69 Rochel,

Hebrew Letter Angel 69 Rochel

Angel Number 69 Rochel,


Marriage Blessing

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Psalm 119, Verse 145

Angel Number 69 Rochel,
I have called upon you with all my heart; answer me, O Lord; I will keep your statutes.

The characteristics of people born under the influence of the Angel 69 Rochel

People born under the influence of the Angel Rochel are characterized by their sincerity and a strong sense of justice which makes them stand out in professions such as law and advocacy.

They are aware of their limitations and freedoms, which helps them avoid problems and conflicts. They are excellent pacifiers and mediators and place importance on both personal and professional relationships.

They also possess great wit and a strong mission related to their family and have the ability to empathize with the suffering of the people they love thanks to their strong intuition and analytical intelligence.

These individuals are detached from material impulses and tendencies and are adaptable and constantly willing to learn. They never shy away from challenges and know that every time they lose on the physical plane, they gain spiritually.

In terms of their professional career, they can excel as economists, lawyers, judges, politicians, and or working in foreign trade. They will always be serving causes using their talent as speakers.

Examining the Adverse Aspects of Qliphoth Angel 69: Marquis Decarabia

The Marquis Decarabia stands out for his dominion and authority over thirty legions of demons, marking his prominent position among infernal spirits. This supernatural being possesses a profound and detailed knowledge of the virtues of aromatic plants and precious stones, granting him a pivotal role in esoteric and magical practices.

Decarabia displays a unique and impressive ability to transform into any type of bird, thereby demonstrating his mastery over metamorphosis and the animal kingdom. This skill encompasses not only physical transformation but also the perfect imitation of birds’ flight and song, emphasizing his intimate connection with nature and its mysteries.

He shares his wisdom with sorcerers and practitioners of magic, teaching them how to change form in the astral plane and dreams. These teachings allow magicians to become birds or bats, fly, and unveil the most hidden secrets of the earth.

Furthermore, he instructs on how to manifest and behave with the naturalness characteristic of birds, thus providing a deep understanding of the freedom and perspective these creatures possess.

Symbolically represented by a five-pointed star, Decarabia can, under the invocation of a summoner, take the form of a man, facilitating direct interaction with magic practitioners.

His expertise is not limited to knowledge of animals, especially birds, and gems but also extends to a wide range of esoteric practices that position him as a master of transformation and discovery.

Decarabia’s ability to guide magicians through the mysteries of transformation and the revelation of hidden places demonstrates his indispensable role for those seeking to expand their spiritual and magical horizons within the occult tradition.

Reflective Story

The Tale of Rochel: A Story of Inheritance, Betrayal, and Redemption in the Kingdom of Lusol

Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Lusol, there lived a great Sovereign who ruled with wisdom and fairness. He had only one child, a son named Rochel, who was set to inherit the throne when his father passed away.

As the Sovereign’s health began to decline, many in the palace began to hover like vultures, hoping to be recognized in his will. But the Sovereign was wise and had already signed and sealed a document that would ensure peace and stability in the kingdom after his passing.

Sadly, the day finally came when the Sovereign passed away, and the bells of the Holy Temple tolled twelve times to alert heaven of the new traveler’s arrival. Rochel was devastated by the loss of his father, but he knew that he had to be strong for his kingdom.

When the royal adviser read the Sovereign’s will, it was revealed that Rochel was the sole heir to the throne. However, Rochel’s brothers were not pleased with this outcome, and they hatched a plan to steal the will and cast doubt on Rochel’s claim to the throne.

One night, while Rochel and his brothers were sleeping, the will was stolen. Rochel knew that his brothers were responsible, but he couldn’t prove it. Without the will, Rochel’s claim to the throne was in jeopardy.

But Rochel was determined not to let his father’s legacy be tarnished by his brothers’ greed. One day, a vision came to Rochel of a hooded man hiding a piece of paper in the forest of Lusol. Rochel knew that this was the location of the missing will, and he set out to find it.

After much searching, Rochel found the will and claimed his rightful place as the heir to the throne. His brothers were surprised and defeated, realizing that their cunning plan had failed.

Rochel went on to rule the kingdom of Lusol with wisdom and fairness, just like his father before him. The kingdom prospered, and peace was maintained thanks to the Sovereign’s wise decision to entrust his authority to Rochel in his will.

Angels of February

Archangel Gabriel Force of God

This revered figure has played a pivotal role in major religious events throughout history. From proclaiming the birth of Jesus Christ and John The Baptist to offering divine interpretation of prophetic visions to Daniel and even dictating the holy Qur’an to Muhammad, this messenger of God has left an indelible mark on numerous faiths.

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