Explore Yoga Kurunta: The Art of the Ropes

Explore Yoga Kurunta: The Art of the Ropes, InfoMistico.com

Yoga Kurunta represents a true revelation for those already immersed in the universe of yoga, as well as for individuals engaged in disciplines where movement and muscular strength are key, such as dance or various sports.

Discovering Yoga Kurunta: The Art of Expanding Bodily Limits

This practice invites us to explore the limits of our body, allowing us to stretch a bit further, hold postures with greater ease, reach points that seemed inaccessible, and accept the help we sometimes need.

Rope Yoga thus becomes a space for discovery and self-improvement.

I found Yoga Kurunta an invaluable tool for addressing minor discomforts in the lumbar and cervical areas. The ropes allowed me to relax and open up when necessary, learning to lean on them in ways I had never imagined.

My curiosity led me to research beyond the classes, to devour the only manual available at the time, written by Chris Saudek, and of course, to constant practice.

The Inspiration Behind the Practice

The practice and teaching of Yoga Kurunta are fueled by transformative energy, a force that drives creation, sustenance, and renewal, reminiscent of the Hindu deities Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

These three energies, symbolizing creation, preservation, and destruction, intertwine in a dance that reflects the constant cycle of life and practice. My journey toward teaching Yoga Kurunta was marked by passion and the desire to share the benefits of this practice.

Acquiring several booklets by Chris Saudek was not just for my enrichment but with the vision of spreading this knowledge among my students, to whom I gave periodic workshops.

The suggestion from a student to compile this knowledge into a book was not only encouraging, but it became the catalyst for transforming that creative energy into something tangible.

This exchange of inspiration and knowledge is a testament to how community and collaboration are essential in the yoga journey. The practice of Yoga Kurunta, more than a series of postures assisted by ropes, is a journey of personal exploration, a means to expand our physical and spiritual limits, and a reminder that in the constant flow of giving and receiving, we find our true potential.

Yoga Kurunta with Gloria

A Transformative Journey Beyond the Mat

Finding my space, both on and off the non-slip mat, has been a cornerstone in my personal and professional journey within the world of yoga.

This quest for comfort, whether by exploring the confines of my limits or freeing myself from them, has been the driving force behind every step I have taken, including the challenge of conceiving and bringing my book to life.

With the collaboration of my dear friend Amy Harmon, who has provided not only her unconditional support but also her talent behind the camera, I have managed to capture the essence of my practice in images.

At this juncture, the energy of Vishnu, that of support and maintenance, plays a crucial role, offering me the necessary backing to move forward. Transformation is an essential part of this process.

Inspired by the destructive energy of Shiva, I have learned to break away from my limitations and prejudices, both internal and external. This spirit of renewal has not only allowed me to evolve personally but also to create a space for growth for my students.

The Culmination of a Dream

The Publication of “Yoga Kurunta with Gloria”

My journey towards writing “Yoga Kurunta with Gloria” has been an enlightening experience. Although I have always had a deep passion for literature and written expression, tackling the creation of this manual represented a brand-new challenge.

My aim was not simply to pour feelings onto paper but rather to share the principles of rope yoga in a practical and accessible way.

This manual, far from being a literary work in the traditional sense, seeks to be a technical guide enriched with my experiences, advice, and personal observations, all to bring the practice of yoga, now with ropes, to a wider Spanish-speaking audience.

This book is a tribute to all those dedicated to yoga, offering a new tool to enrich their practice. Now, it is available for purchase in regular bookstores and on Amazon, providing interested individuals easy access to this valuable source of knowledge.

For those who wish to delve even deeper, my Online School offers a comprehensive course on Yoga Kurunta, complemented with videos and detailed explanations, designed to expand the understanding and application of this transformative practice.

This journey, marked by continuous learning and the desire to share, reflects my commitment not only to my evolution but also to that of my community. “Yoga Kurunta with Gloria” is more than a manual; it is an invitation to explore new dimensions of our practice and ourselves.

Greetings! My name is Gloria Alcaide

My academic background includes a degree in Chemical Sciences and a doctorate in Medicine, fields that, while seeming distant from the spiritual world, have provided me with a solid foundation and a unique perspective on health and well-being. However, it was in yoga that I discovered not only a passion but also a way of life. Over time, my curiosity and quest for personal growth led me to delve deeply into meditation, vegetarianism, and, of course, yoga, each step opening the door to the next… read more>>

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