Spiritual Awakening: A Guide to Fulfillment

Spiritual Awakening: A Guide to Fulfillment, InfoMistico.com

Embarking on our spiritual journey, we aim to refine every facet of our existence, from character to diet, and from our ideas to social relationships.

Spiritual Awakening: Lessons and Challenges in the Pursuit of Fulfillment

In this endeavor, we often find ourselves making sacrifices in search of a more fulfilling and joyful existence. However, achieving that coveted state of fulfillment is not always within reach, leading to disillusionment and, in some cases, questioning our faith or feeling forsaken by the divine.

It is vital to understand that there are no mistakes per se; each experience, whether perceived as positive or negative, contributes to essential learning. It all boils down to an issue of expanding consciousness through our own experiences, without passing judgment on them.

The Universe, akin to a vast computer, requires us to know how to interact with it to manifest our desires. Sometimes, by not knowing how to “press the right keys,” we may feel that our intentions do not materialize.

Various esoteric teachings have attempted to guide us in this process, though not always successfully, leading to frustrations and misunderstandings, partly due to a misinterpretation of our critical nature.

The Balance of the Ego: Towards a Consciousness of Love and Self-Acceptance

The ego, far from being an adversary, is an essential tool in this plane of existence. The key lies in aligning the ego with our spirit, adopting a stance of love, patience, and non-judgment, and understanding that we always do the best we can following the guidance of our Inner Master.

Practices such as enveloping oneself in a “bubble of protection” may reinforce the belief in vulnerability to external factors. Conversely, adopting practices that strengthen the perception of divine love and security everywhere is suggested, shifting the focus from external dangers to the divinity inherent in life.

It is crucial to recognize that it is not the thoughts themselves, but the deeply ingrained beliefs that shape our reality.

Therefore, to alter our life experience, it is necessary to work on implanting new beliefs through affirmations loaded with emotion and conviction since repeating words without feeling their truth within lacks effect.

This approach to the conscious creation of our reality, based on peace, harmony, and prosperity, is what truly allows us to transform our lives and our surroundings.

The Ethics of Spiritual Assistance: Consent and Respect for Others’ Processes

We may try to send light or energy to others in hopes of aiding them in overcoming illnesses, economic hardships, or emotional problems. However, such practices, without the explicit consent of the recipient, may border more on manipulation than a genuine act of spiritual assistance.

Before proceeding, it is crucial that the individual requests this help and truly needs it. Otherwise, what we perceive as someone else’s problem might be a reflection of something we need to work on ourselves.

If the person is not in a position to express their consent, it is essential to ask permission from their soul and wait for confirmation before acting.

Life’s challenges, including illnesses, are often crucial tests for the awakening of individual consciousness, and what may seem painful or unjust from our perspective can hold deep and necessary meaning for the person’s personal growth.

Sending light without considering the individual’s process and pace can, in reality, interfere more than help, often reflecting a selfish desire to alleviate our discomfort in the face of another’s suffering.

True help comes from trusting in the individual’s ability to find their path through their inner guidance.

Instead of focusing on sending light to others at every difficulty, it would be more beneficial to direct that energy towards ourselves, allowing our inner guidance to reveal the underlying truth in each situation.

The Illusion of Separation: Awakening to Our Oneness with the Divine

Regarding the notion that we are progressing toward God, this concept demands reassessment. Everything that exists is part of the universal body of God; there is no separation nor a need for spiritual evolution in the traditional sense.

Our spirit is already perfect and complete. The so-called “spiritual evolution” is merely the process of awakening to that inherent perfection. The belief in our separation from God, fueled by some religious interpretations, is an illusion we must transcend. Our true task is to recognize and experience our unity with everything, which constitutes the true awakening or evolution of our consciousness.

Deep self-knowledge is the path to freeing ourselves from the illusions and deceptions imposed by external influences.

Overcoming Anguish: Trust in the Healing Power of Higher Intelligence

In our society, it is common to feel distress and worry when a loved one is ill or going through a crisis. Though this behavior is socially accepted, it only serves to intensify suffering.

This attitude is rooted in the belief that the problem or illness possesses more power than any possible solution. By succumbing to distress, we are empowering the illness or crisis, contributing to the person feeling even more victimized by their situation.

The true solution lies in the effort to understand that, beyond our limited comprehension, there exists a Higher Intelligence capable of restoring health and well-being, provided the affected individual desires it.

This perspective invites us to acknowledge that no force is greater than the Divine Power and that our pain and worry only reflect a lack of trust in this higher truth…

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