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Writings and stories of real life, anecdotes, curiosities, life circumstances, reflections on friendship, love, family, faith, hope, wisdom…

Wishes for 2023

Wishes for 2023 / Deseos para el 2023

The Power of Visualization to Fulfill Wishes in 2023. You can achieve all your desires if you commit to visualizing with confidence and determination. Your mind is a powerful tool, allowing you to see your future with clarity and do what it takes to achieve what you desire.

The final trip

El viaje final / The final journey

The final trip happens without warning, without planning, and without choice. Sometimes we are not even given the chance to say goodbye, so we leave without a kiss, a hug, an I love you or an excuse me. We make many plans and trips while we are alive…

What affects and hurts you will pass

What affects and hurts you will pass

Everything passes. What is enveloping you right now and hurting you so much will also pass. Knowing this encourages you to move forward and comforts you. It allows us to see the positive aspects of our lives in perspective and to express gratitude…

Organic gates and star seeds

Organic gates and star seeds

Emilio Carrillo provides a human typology for the more than 7.7 billion humans living on Earth in one of his most recent videos. Specifically, he states that there are seven different types of humans, of which the first four belong to the so-called Old Humanity and the last three to the New Humanity. Which category do you think you belong to? Let’s see.

Love as a Teacher

Amor como Maestro / Love as a Teacher

Love as a teacher recognizes that the student receives instruction and has the right to make mistakes. It considers that errors demand to be repaired. In addition, it helps the student to realize that mistakes are wrong, as they harm both the individual and his or her peers.

Think Big on a Spiritual Level

La magia de pensar en grande / The magic of thinking big

Thinking big on a spiritual level refers to expanding our consciousness and improving our quality of life by developing a positive and clear vision of ourselves and the world. The key is to overcome the fears and insecurities that limit us and adopt a mindset of abundance and gratitude.

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