Reflections on the supreme and omnipotent entity, seen as the creator of the cosmos, primal intelligence, the origin of everything, eternal, constant, immaterial, singular, with absolute power, supreme equity and benevolence, without limits in all its qualities…

A Millennium-long Dialogue with God

Comunicación humana con Dios / Human communication with God

Throughout history, humans have ceaselessly sought to connect with the divine. From the earliest rituals to philosophical and theological reflections, this spiritual discourse has evolved, adapting to each era, yet its core remains a soul’s relationship with its creator.


Vows Before God

Votos ante Dios / Vows before God

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes feel trapped in certain situations or relationships that limit you? It may be due to past vows you made to God that still weigh on you. But don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to free yourself from them and transform your life.


The Seven Wonders: The Small Blessings of Everyday Life

Las siete maravillas del mundo

Each year, a village gathers to admire the ‘wonders’ of the world through the eyes of its youth. Monuments, landscapes, and skyscrapers typically take center stage, but this year, young Clara brings a different and touching viewpoint.


When the Divine Calls: An Epiphany in Everyday Moments

Divino / Divine

In an era captivated by the spectacular, we often lose sight that the holy is frequently discovered in life’s simplest facets. This poignant narrative prompts us to reevaluate our focal points, rekindling a sense of compassion and largesse. Through a celestial being, a household grasps an indispensable lesson about discerning the divine in our daily existence.


Spiritual Stories: Conversation Before Birth

Diálogo antes de Nacer / Dialogue before Birth

Through a dialogue between a child and the divine, we are introduced to the spiritual essence of being a mother, an angel that guides, protects, and loves. This story reminds us of the immense value of motherhood and the everlasting love present in our world.

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