Oh God, you who dwell in the spiritual dimension beyond our understanding, you are the very essence of mysticism and esotericism. In you, we find the source of our inspiration and the guide for our path in the search for connection with the divine.

Vows Before God

Votos ante Dios / Vows before God

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes feel trapped in certain situations or relationships that limit you? It may be due to past vows you made to God that still weigh on you. But don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to free yourself from them and transform your life.

The power of prayer

El poder de la oración / The power of prayer

October 1960 One morning, she had only 75 cents in her purse and six hungry babies. Their father had left. The girl was two years old and the boys were between three months and seven years old. Their father had never been more than a threatening presence.

A Christmas Stroke

Un golpe de Navidad / A Christmas punch

Paul was a typical young man. He went to school, played with his friends, climbed trees and ran after his dog. He followed the norm for children his age. Charles and Martha, Paul’s parents, shared a house. So did Juan and Natalie, his siblings.

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