Oh God, you who dwell in the spiritual dimension beyond our understanding, you are the very essence of mysticism and esotericism. In you, we find the source of our inspiration and the guide for our path in the search for connection with the divine.

The Painting That Transformed an Auction

subasta / auction

The tale begins with a father and his son, deeply involved in the art world and separated by the harsh realities of war. However, in an auction where artworks by renowned masters were expected to take center stage, it was the portrait of this brave young man that captured everyone’s attention, revealing that the true value of art goes beyond the canvas.


Deep Reflections on Footprints in the Sand

Huellas en la Arena / Footprints in the Sand

Amidst the vastness of the ocean and the endless stretch of the beach, simple footprints carry a powerful message. Through a touching dream, we discover that in life’s most challenging moments, we are never truly alone. God, with his eternal love, is always by our side.


The Storm, Lost Geese, and a Man’s Awakening

Lost geese / gansos perdidos

Christmas night unfolds differently for a skeptical man. The storm brings with it lost geese, setting off a series of events that lead the man to a profound realization. As he tries to guide the birds to safety, he discovers the true meaning of Christmas and the essence of faith.


The Notebook of Dorothy: A Reflection of the Soul

La libreta de Pepita / The Notebook of Dorothy

The story of Dorothy and her notebook is a touching tale of introspection and the search for meaning. Each page unveils the duality of her existence, balancing her missteps with acts of understanding and love. We are prompted to ponder the true essence of our being and the transformative power of love and forgiveness.


The Rope of Fate: Reflections from a Mountaineer

La Cuerda de la Vida / The Rope of Destiny

Driven by ambition, a mountaineer decides to face Aconcagua. But beyond the altitudes and physical dangers, he encounters a crossroads that tests his faith and trust. In this tale, we discover that the true mountains we must climb are sometimes within us and that letting go can be the bravest act of all.