Vows Before God

Vows Before God, InfoMistico.com

You may not have known this but it’s important to understand that vows made before God remain in effect from one life to the next. Have you ever wondered why interpersonal relationships often fail? How many of you, as shamans, have made vows of poverty or celibacy?

The weight of divine vows in our lives: how to free ourselves from them

The answer can be found in the feeling of guilt that arises when trying to break these divine commitments. Although these old vows become internal residues, they can be overcome in the new era. It’s time to free ourselves from them.

We offer you this information so that, in silence and from your home, you may consider the idea of letting go of those vows that belong to a past energy.

The following message is a statement of intent that reflects a change in the beliefs and aspirations of the sender:

“Dear Spirit, today I renounce the commitments associated with the forces of the past and embrace a new reality of prosperity, love and closeness with those who appreciate me. Likewise, I wish to start a new path that contributes to positively transforming our world, joining a renewed energy that is oriented towards resolving the challenges that surround us.”

The following spiritual axiom highlights the importance of paying attention to our own health and well-being before attempting to transform our environment:

“An essential principle in the pursuit of spiritual well-being is self-care. Only by attending to our own needs and strengthening ourselves internally, will we be able to effect positive changes in the world around us.”

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