When someone dies, they’re still close to you…

When someone dies, they’re still close to you…, InfoMistico.com

Death, that inescapable visitor that reaches us all, can seem cruel and relentless. And when someone dies, they don’t leave alone. He takes with him a part of our soul, that portion that loved him deeply, that is woven into his wings to help him cross the invisible skies of the afterlife. And not only that, he takes your voice, that voice that names him, that remembers him, that invokes him, to guide him on his journey along the path of eternity.

When Someone Dies, They Don’t Leave You Alone: Discover the Magic of Eternal Connection

But even in their departure, that person doesn’t leave at all. It becomes an echo in your memory, a saved laugh, an unforgettable face that reappears in nostalgia. He takes the memories, to make his path a parade of moments lived, to laugh and find beauty in loss. Thus, in every laugh that comes from memory, he is there sharing his joy with you.

And in turn, it doesn’t leave you empty. The loved one who leaves places in you a seed of his essence, so that you know that even in the distance, he is still well, he is still with you. He leaves you with his voice which becomes your conscience, a whisper in the wind, a melody in silence. He leaves your memories, as relics of his existence, as a legacy so that, even in his absence, you can laugh with him.

Hugs from the Hereafter: How Love Transcends Death and Is Weaved into the Fabric of Life

Death is not the end. It’s just a transformation. And in that metamorphosis, something magical happens, a phenomenon that goes beyond human comprehension. The loved one doesn’t want to get away, so he puts on another skin and lives in another body, just to be with you. In every face, in every gesture of love from others, you can find a trace of him, like a map of his presence.

Death is not a farewell, but rather a shift in the landscape. As your eyes cloud over, it’s him, gallantly marching through the tapestry of your fleeting memories. Should you feel a shiver cascading down your spine, know that it’s his embrace enveloping you from the other side. And if ever you find yourself bursting into laughter for no apparent reason, imagine him there, tenderly whispering ethereal jokes into your ear.

And yes, death hurts. But it is no reason for perennial sadness. It is a call to understand that he is in a better place. And who better than him, now free from earthly ties, to be your guide in this life, until your time comes to leave? Surely, he is looking forward to the day when they get together, to laugh out loud together, just like in the old days.

Because, in the end, death is just a mirage. The essence of those we love doesn’t go away, it simply transforms. It becomes part of the wind, of the sun, of the rain. And at every dawn and every sunset, in every laugh and every tear, they are there, accompanying us, loving us from their new existence on a plane where love is the only currency of exchange.

Echoes of Eternal Love: Discovering the Indestructible Connection that Transcends Death

So, my dear reader, open up to the world. Allow yourself to explore, meet new people, and in every interaction look for the fragments of the one who left. By filling your life and that of others with love, you are also embracing the one who left you. By laughing and crying with others, you are perpetuating the connection with that soul that, although invisible, is still part of your life.

Oh, and when the night envelops you in its cloak and you feel the cold spray your being, don’t be afraid. It’s him, sharing his blanket of stars with you, wrapping you in his heavenly embrace. When you stumble, imagine his mischievous laugh, knowing that, deep down, he is the one who plays to remind you that life is also made of funny and light moments.

Thus, through sadness and pain, hope emerges. A hope that whispers to us that love transcends the veil of death, that souls intertwined in life do not separate but that they continue to communicate through the ethereal waves of existence.

Open your heart and mind to that magical possibility. Fill your being with the certainty that when someone dies, the relationship doesn’t end; it only transforms into a subtle dance, a dialogue of souls that extends beyond time and space.

Allow yourself to feel that presence. Embrace nostalgia with gratitude and let yourself be enveloped by the wisdom and love that flow from the eternal connection you share with him.

Death is, in essence, a door to a deeper understanding of life, an invitation to recognize the indestructibility of love and the infinitude of being. It is a reminder that the essence of those we love is woven into the same tapestry of our soul and together, in a mystical dance, they continue to create a symphony of love, memories and hope.

So, when you think of someone who is no longer on this earthly plane, remember that his departure was magical and that he, in his new form is still with you always.

And in that certainty, you will find comfort, you will find light and, above all, you will find hope. Because love, in its infinite magnitude, knows no endings, only eternal beginnings.

Mike Rivero