Energy and Numerology in Your Home

Energy and Numerology in Your Home,

At the heart of our homes, beyond bricks and cement, lies an energy that flows and envelops us. This energy can act as a protective shield or as a shadow that hangs over us.

The Synergy Between Your Home Energy and Numerology

Discover the deep connection between the energy in your home and numerology and how this interaction can transform your reality into something beneficial. Surely you’ve heard stories of people who attribute a radical change in their lives, whether positive or negative, to the moment of moving to a new home.

Yes! There is an intrinsic connection between the energy in your home and numerology.

Numbers radiate an energetic vibration that interacts with the space we inhabit. This vibration can be in tune with or in conflict with our own energies. For this reason, discovering the numerology of your home can be the master key to transforming your reality into something beneficial.

Calculating the Numerology of Your Home

Energy and Numerology in Your Home,

  • To reveal your house number, add up all the digits of the address, including the numerical value of the letters.
  • Then reduce this sum to a single digit.
  • Add up all the numbers that make up your home address, including the letters which are also important.
  • If you want to go deeper and see how the energies in the house affect you or another resident, add up your personal number which is obtained by adding the digits of your date of birth (day + month + year) and reducing them to a single digit, with the exception of 11, a master number that remains intact.

Home Number 1: Beginnings and Dynamism

It radiates starting energy, ideal for entrepreneurs, creatives and leaders. It encourages independence and the creation of personal space. However, it is not recommended for those seeking to form a couple or suffer from heart or nervous problems. Red colors mixed with beige or earth tones are ideal for this home.

Home Number 2: Relationships and Harmony

Perfect for couples, families and strong relationships. It promotes concentration, spiritual growth and love for nature. Recommended for artists, musicians and decorators. The color orange, representing energy and joy, should prevail in the decoration.

Home Number 3: Movement and Attraction

With vibrant energy, this home encourages communication and personal relationships. It’s a magnet for adventure and social life. However, it can lead to economic instability. Use gold and earth colors in the decoration.

Home Number 4: Consolidation and Achievements

You can consolidate every aspect of your life. It requires effort but it rewards achievement and stability. The four elements and cardinal points must be present in the decoration: green for the earth, red for the fire, incense for the air and water fountains.

Home Number 5: Changes and Travels

This home is transitory and encourages socialization and travel. It is conducive to researchers and those who work with the imagination. Avoid impulsive decisions and use earthy colors to maintain focus.

Home Number 6: Elegance and Community

Ideal for artists, lawyers and fashion workers. It fosters harmonious relationships and a sense of community. Warm, fresh tones and blue should predominate in the decoration.

Home Number 7: Introspection and Spirituality

It is recommended for businesses related to the esoteric and spiritual or as a home for the elderly. It encourages the study of the mystical and provides serenity. Violet, purple or lilac tones combined with light tones are ideal.

Home Number 8: Discipline and Abundance

A home that requires order and good behavior but rewards with material and spiritual success. It is beneficial for athletes and financiers. The color purple balances the material with the spiritual.

Home Number 9: Service and Wisdom

Ideal for scientists and doctors, this home enhances experience and knowledge. However, it can attract economic and health challenges. Light colors such as cream or beige are recommended to provide energy and vitality.


Understanding your home’s numerology can be a powerful ally on your path to well-being and success. By attuning the energy of your home to your personal vibration, you can create a sanctuary that not only protects you but also propels you toward your dreams and aspirations.

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