Embracing Life: Recovering Our Essence

Embracing Life: Recovering Our Essence, InfoMistico.com

Have you ever stopped for a second to look around and realize how the world in which we live has changed? Technological advances and accelerated modernization have brought us to a point where we sometimes feel a little lost in the immensity of everything.

The Treasures of Everyday Life: How to Recover Magic in a Fast-paced World

Architectural wonders scratch the sky and roads invite us to explore worlds. But on this path, I wonder if our souls aren’t longing for something more. It’s as if we’ve left bits and pieces of our essence in every accelerated step.

In this humble piece, I invite you to a journey of reflection and rediscovery. Join me as we talk about the skyscrapers of our hearts and the highways of our lives. It’s time to rediscover what really matters.

Advances and Setbacks: The Mismatch Between Our Outer and Inner Worlds

Today we are surrounded by imposing skyscrapers and highways that seem to have no end but what has happened to our patience and our open mind? We spent hands-on but enjoyed it with a certain shyness. Our houses seem to grow but the families that live in them have become smaller.

We are like little bees, always busy but time goes like water between our fingers. We know a lot but where did good judgment end up?

The pharmacies are full but our health is out there, playing hide and seek. Our closets are bursting but our values are scarce.

We talk a lot but love has fallen a little short and sometimes anger comes out of our pores. We’ve reached the Moon and back, how are you! But crossing the street and greeting the neighbor has become a space odyssey.

We’ve conquered outer space but the interior seems to be a galaxy far, far away. We earn more but our morale is on vacation. We live in times with an air of freedom but joy is as if hidden. There is food in abundance but nutrition is scarce.

The houses receive double salaries but hearts are breaking and they look like a magazine but the warmth of home is walking.

Don’t Wait Until ‘One of These Days’: An Invitation to Live Fully

For all this, friends, I suggest that starting today we do not save anything “for a special occasion” because every day we live is like a piñata full of surprises.

Let’s look inside, let’s know what it’s really worth, let’s read more, let’s sit on the terrace and drink the cool without noticing the weeds. Let’s spend quality time with family and friends, enjoy our favorite foods and go to those places that make us feel alive.

Life is full of moments to savor, not just to be thrown away. Use those beautiful glasses, don’t keep that rich perfume, use it every time it provokes you.

The words “One of these days” and “Someday”, let’s take them out of our repertoire. Let’s write that letter that we always say we’ll write “One of these days”.

Let’s tell our loved ones today how much we love them. So, let’s not postpone anything that brings a smile to our faces and joy to our hearts. Every day, every hour, every minute is unique… and you never know what the last one will be…

And if you’re super busy and think you’re going to send this message to someone you love “One of these days”, remember that “day” may be farther away than you think.

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