Nostradamus Prophecies 2023

Nostradamus Prophecies 2023,

Nostradamus, a famous prophet, predicted events that could alter the course of history, so he predicted that 2023 would be very different from 2022. Discover the most shocking ones.

Nostradamus’ most disturbing prophecies for the year 2023

The most well-known predictions in history are those of Nostradamus and for the year 2023, the famous French prophet predicted terrifying events, such as wars, natural disasters and things that will shake the future of the world.

According to his interpreters, a soothsayer named Michael de Notre-Dame who lived in the 16th century became famous for his accurate prophecies. Among the most notable is the declaration of the death of King Henry II, the Great Fire of London and the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.

Les Prophéties

In the first edition of his book “Les Prophéties”, published in 1555, he compiled 942 poetic quatrains foretelling the future of mankind up to the year 3797 when he is said to have predicted the end of the world.

What does Nostradamus predict will happen in 2023? We compile for you the most dangerous ones for the coming year 2023.

The civil war in the United States

The most powerful nation in the world, the United States, will experience a civil war and instability will reign, according to Nostradamus’ prophecies.

Epidemics and famines will increase

Nostradamus, the prophet of France, saw in his visions the appearance of new epidemics and famines, precursors of major natural catastrophes. Nostradamus predicted that several nations would be declared in a state of famine.

Detonation of a nuclear weapon

According to interpreters of Nostradamus, one quatrain describes the detonation of a massive bomb that will cause climate change and population decline in European nations.

Francis resigns as Pope

According to one of the French astrologer’s most disturbing prophecies, the current Pope Francis will resign, but the most terrifying thing is that the replacement will be a dangerous person who could trigger a religious conflict.

Migratory problems

Nostradamus predicted that terrorism, war, famine and climate change would accelerate the global migration crisis.

Great advances in space

One of the most striking prophecies mentions a breakthrough in space exploration in 2023. Some interpreters believe that humans could even set foot on Mars.

There will be a new world order

Another of the French doctor’s prophecies predicts that a man and a woman will rule the Earth in a new world order, but it will not last long.

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