Prediction Year 2023

Articles, news, and documents on Predictions and Predictions for the Year 2023 worldwide.

Cabañuelas 2023

Cavanuelas 2023

The Cavanuelas of 2023 augur a year of great changes and challenges. The predictions are based on the observation of the behavior of animals, nature and the elements that surround people during New Year’s Day.

Pronóstico Astrológico Año 2023 / Astrological Forecast Year 2023

Astrology Forecast Year 2023

The arrival of the year 2023 brings with it major cosmic changes, bringing about significant transformations in the Earth’s energy grid. Below I will analyze the astrology and give you some key dates to keep in mind, however, if I wanted to select keywords or motifs for the year 2023, they would be as follows…

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