Information about numerology, the study of numbers, divinatory practices using numbers, mystical relationships between numbers, living beings, and physical or spiritual forces.

How 2022 will end


As autumn approaches and the weather turns cold, the year 2022 has entered its twilight and Christmas celebrations are fast approaching. While many people may already be thinking about 2023 as we enter the last quarter with the arrival of October, numerology indicates that this year still has much to offer.

Special gifts according to date of birth

don mágico según la fecha de tu nacimiento / special gifts according to date of birth

What happens when we are born? When a soul arrives in this world, the planets align in a unique and precise way to endow this new life with extraordinary gifts and qualities, something very similar to the well-known tale of Sleeping Beauty…

Business name numerology

Numerology for a successful business / Numerologia para tener un negocio o empresa exitosa

A profitable business is the task of everyone who develops a commercial activity and surely there is nothing more depressing than a business that does not make money, so choosing one of the good luck names for business can be a success.

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