Christmas Decorations in November

Christmas Decorations in November,

You’re happier than everyone else, so you don’t think you’re overdoing it when you think about decorating your home for Christmas ahead of time. According to a study, the Christmas spirit helps us feel less stressed, anxious and negative.

Those who start decorating for Christmas in November are happier

If you’re still in November, I’m sure you’ve been thinking about it for a while. All indications are that you were believing in your Halloween costume and haven’t even turned the page on the calendar.

However, there are a few indicators that Christmas is coming early: the early advertisements, the illuminated road signs and the many flavors of nougat available in supermarkets.

Everything is already leading up to Christmas

Christmas is coming, whether you like it or not and even if it wasn’t, you wouldn’t care. You enjoy decorating your home, so any justification will do to open the box of decorations. After all, you can proudly hang your Advent Wreath on the door if there’s already nougat of all kinds.

All this doesn’t make you an exaggerator, a lunatic, or the target of everyone’s scorn for harboring a Grinch inside you. On the contrary.

You’re happier than everyone else and you had no idea

Fortunately, a study published in The Journal of Environmental Psychology has given you the justification for your holiday frenzy and given the world a reason to understand it:

That extra spirit you have not only makes you the happiest person in your group, but also reduces stress, anxiety and negativity.

Imagine going from the agony of having to be the first person to put up the Christmas tree to having the holiday spirit everyone would want because, as this recent study indicates, your influence benefits others.

Decorating not only improves your mood but spreads happiness to others, creating a wonderful epidemic! Not only does this dispel the idea that Christmas is a depressing time, but it increases our sense of nostalgia.

Not everyone experiences that.

The study also supports what we already knew: that during the holidays we are happier and more focused due to preparations as Lotto day or Christmas Eve dinner approaches, as well as more productive due to dinners, get-togethers, gifts and vacations.

What is the spirit of Christmas?

The special joy we experience when we start planning for Christmas and decorating the house with reindeer and wreaths, known as the “Christmas spirit”, has nothing to do with the heart, contrary to what we once believed, but with the thinking center of the brain.

It is not something that appears randomly at birth. The Christmas spirit is not something you choose to have or not to have. It is more of a scientific matter.

Also, having Christmas spirit tends to make you kinder, less agitated by problems and more sympathetic to others. Too bad this only lasts a short time: exactly two weeks.

That’s why we’re overcome with these emotions as soon as we start decorating our home, so it pays to start early. That way there is more room to be happy and make others happy.

Putting up the Christmas decorations

What’s more, the sooner we start putting away the Christmas decorations, the happier we’ll be and the more problems we’ll put aside.

This makes it easier for us to see these occasions not only from a purely commercial point of view but also as an opportunity to show support for each other and remember our families and loved ones, even if all the good intentions only last for a short period, as I said earlier.

Of course, even if the study has found that getting into the Christmas spirit early, the musical theme should not be taken into account. In case you get overconfident, put the carols on repeat and Grinch characters will start popping up everywhere.

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