Blessing of a manger scene

Blessing of a manger scene,

Dear Father, almighty God of the universe: we want to express our gratitude for all your love on this holy night. We are grateful for our home and family, for our co-workers…

Prayer for the Blessing of the Manger (before noon)

Bless us as we await the birth of your Son on this special day. Please help us to prepare our hearts to receive the Christ Child with love, joy and hope. We are gathered here to worship him and to thank him for entering our world and bringing life into our lives.

Today, as we reflect on the manger, we think especially of families who lack shelter, food and comfort. We ask Our Lady and St. Joseph to help them find a welcoming place to live.

To share with others the love that you show us every day, we ask that the Child Jesus may also be born in our hearts. Help us to reflect your infinite mercy in our lives. May we always live praising and glorifying you, together with your Angels and Archangels.

(A member of the family places a small candle in front of the Child Jesus if He is already in the manger).

Blessed Mary

We appreciate her acceptance of her role as our Mother and Mother of Jesus, as well as her love and care. We thank the Mother for her constant intercession on our behalf.

Thank you for being the father and defender of the Child Jesus, St. Joseph. We ask you to raise a prayer to God on our behalf that we may be a loving family and a good example of peace and reconciliation to others.



1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary, 1 Glory Be.

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