Positive Capricorn energy

Positive Capricorn energy, InfoMistico.com

“There is strength in unity.” This phrase has been used for centuries to evoke the unifying ideals of cooperation and unity. They may even help awaken the soul over the next four weeks.

Harness the positive energy of Capricorn according to the Kabbalah

For although we all have unique gifts and talents, working together allows us to accomplish far more than we could on our own.


The second largest planet in the solar system, Saturn rules (Tevet in Hebrew). Nothing is free in Saturn’s orbit; its energy is somewhat constrained. Saturn demands progress, structure and organization.

Capricorn can be very hardworking because of this. They are so results-oriented that they sometimes neglect other important facets of their life, such as love, friendship and family.

Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and is therefore very cold, which accentuates this aspect. People born under this sign may seem distant. Getting out of your comfort zone and creating connections with others is your challenge this month, as well as ours.

Sefirah of Malkuth

Capricorn represents the Kingdom, the Sefirah of Malkuth and the material world.

This helps explain why Capricornians are so steadfast and why magic that exists outside the realm of the five senses seems so out of reach.

As difficult as this explanation of the Saturnian force field may seem, you have to keep in mind that polarity governs our universe and that where there is one form of energy, there is also an equal amount of its opposite.

So, for example, Capricorns can be as free and spiritual as they are assertive (in fact, Nostradamus, one of the greatest clairvoyants in history, was a Capricorn). And although they may sometimes feel lonely and distant, they are capable of being just as loving, tender and affectionate.

This month there is Light in front of us all

We can harness this Capricorn energy of intense steady work and use it to our benefit and the benefit of others. We can use Saturn’s structure to build stronger relationships that attract goodness and positivity into the world.

This is a month that encourages teamwork and empowers us to create stronger bonds. Through our efforts to eliminate the space that exists between us and others, we can strengthen all of our relationships-from family to professional-before the end of Capricorn month.

Harnessing the positive energy of Capricorn

Here are some ideas to help you harness the uplifting energy of Capricorn and apply it to your spiritual development:

Never give up

This month focus on your efforts rather than your results. Even if you can’t immediately see the benefits, maintain your conviction. Use Capricorn’s tenacious energy to stay true to yourself and your goals.

Be Innovative

Creativity never runs out; in fact, the more you use it, the more you have, according to a quote from Maya Angelou. Make time this month for creative activities such as writing, dancing, poetry, or art projects that help you tap into your inner creativity.

That aspect of you that is constantly developing, free and unfettered is what is known as your creative nature.

Be sociable

Invest time in your loved ones and friends. Spend more time and effort on improving your interpersonal connections. Find out more about a person you are surrounded by but don’t know well. The people around you may surprise you.

Step out of your comfort zone and participate fully in all your friendships, allies and business associations. Keep in mind that the only things we leave behind when we pass away are the things we share with others.

One more thing! The first three days of this month, which fall on the holiday of Chanukah, are charged with the power of miracles. To carry this energy with you throughout the year and the rest of the month, be sure to meditate.

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