Meditating with Kabbalah Angels: Guide and Meaning

Meditating with Kabbalah Angels: Guide and Meaning,

The angels of the Kabbalah are invoked with the energy of their name and their three letters, so to invoke them it is necessary to visualize through meditation and a request with a clear intention.

Why meditation?

Look carefully at the following graphic of the Sefirot tree:

Meditating with Kabbalah Angels: Guide and Meaning,

Why the sphere of Yesod?

According to Jewish Kabbalah, Yesod is the foundation upon which our father has built the world. It serves as a transmitter between the Sefirot above and the reality below.

The light from the higher Sefirot is gathered in Yesod and channeled to Malkuth below. Thus, Yesod is associated with sexual organs.

The male Yesod collects the vital forces of the Sefirot above and transmits these creative and vital energies to the female Malkuth below.

Yesod channels, Malkuth receives. In turn, it is through Malkuth that the earth can interact with divinity.

Yesod plays the role of collecting and balancing the different and opposing energies from Hod and Netzach and also from Tiferet above it, storing and distributing them throughout the world. It is compared to the “engine room” of creation.

The Cherubim are the angelic choir connected to Yesod, headed by the Archangel Gabriel.

Great ideas and dreams are created in this sphere, so it is logical that when we meditate and invoke our ruling angel we help to visualize through meditation and its Hebrew letters our requests and desires in the most detailed way possible.

In this way, we materialize first in Yesod so that it rises to higher spheres and our requests are fulfilled.

Will our requests be fulfilled?

Yes and no. How can this be possible?

You can be sure that your requests will always be heard, but not necessarily the answer will come soon or not at all, as it depends on several factors, not complicated by the way, but the fact that it is simple we overlook them?

And the first one has to do with something so simple, but at the same time difficult to have, which is “Faith or Emunah” as the Jews refer to the true faith.

How is it tested?

In practical terms, the person may have faith because he does not care or because he is not capable of reasoning for himself.

Therefore, his faith does not belong to him, he simply trusts others. When a person has a deep emuna in truth, he feels that this truth is an integral part of his very essence and his very being.

The litmus test would be a case of martyrdom. The person who has a subrational faith may or may not decide to give his life for his faith. The person with a superrational Emunah sees no other alternative – to deny his Emunah is to deny the very essence of his existence.

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman, Senior Editor,

Times and dates of regency

  • If your angel belongs to your three angel birth chart (physical, emotional, or mental) you can meditate and make requests on days when the moon is in its waxing phases, it is not appropriate to do so on a full moon and avoid the waning moon altogether.
  • If your angel does not belong to your birth chart of the three angels (physical, emotional, or mental) you can meditate and make requests on regency times, days, or weeks. Use the days when the moon is in its waxing phases, it is not appropriate to do it on a full moon and avoid the waning moon altogether.

If you want to know how to calculate your birth angels click here »


To ask you something especially important and necessary (from the sunrise of that day) in the geographical location where you are. To find out the sunrise time you can check these websites on Google (you must specify the country and the city where you are)

Once you have the sunrise time, locate the meditation time by simply calculating the sunrise time where the angel of the cabal No. 1 begins to rule.


  • Sunrise time: 6:20 am ← angel No. 1 begins to rule.
  • From 06:20 am to 06:40 am takes over energetically angel No. 1.
  • 20 minutes later, from 06:40 am to 7:00 am, angel No. 2 takes control.
  • 20 minutes later, from 07:00 a.m. to 7:20 a.m., angel No. 3
    and so on until completing the 24 hours of the day and the cycle of protection of the 72 Names of God.

A day has 1440 minutes, if you divide it into periods of 20 minutes you will complete the full cycle of the 72 Angels that day, but always starting from the sunrise time of the place where you are.


Meditate and visualize the letters at the central moment of each 20 minutes, because the calculation of the time of the sun is approximate and, therefore, the initial and final minutes of each 20 minutes may not be exact.


A person living in Manhattan, NY, wants to meditate with ANGEL 40.

Meditating with Kabbalah Angels: Guide and Meaning,

  • When taking the calculation angel No. 40 begins to rule between 6:50 pm to 7:10 pm of that particular day with sunrise at 05:50 am in Manhattan, NY.
  • Right at 6:55 pm, I start doing the meditation and the invocation of the angel 40 until 7:05 pm +/-

Make a schedule

Plan 24 to 48 hours in advance and try to clean the place where you are going to meditate or visualize the Hebrew letters and your name.

Never see the Hebrew letters in places such as bathrooms, hospitals, clinics, cemeteries, or any place that you consider negative. Why? Because there dwell the angels of the Qlifot (contrary angels) of each of them. So if you don’t want a SHORT CIRCUIT don’t do it.

Bathe and put on clean clothes, especially clean your mouth well and brush your teeth well. Why?

Because it is where your request and imploration are born… you know the unpleasant feeling when someone comes to you with bad breath or halitosis… well no, avoid it.

Be compassionate to them because they were at the beginning of your first breath on this plane and will be at the end of your last. They are the greatest gift our Heavenly Father gives us to help us, but remember:


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