How to meditate Kabbalah’s Angels

How to meditate Kabbalah’s Angels,

Visualization Exercises with 72 Names of God

We must train our brain and mind to connect with the energy of the Hebrew letters. These simple exercises activate the optical nerves necessary to activate the letters within us.

Visualization exercises with a wall

  • Take a bath and put on clean clothes, especially clean your mouth well and brush your teeth well.
  • Stick on a white or light wall the Hebrew letter and perform this exercise at least three times a week for 10 minutes.

How to meditate Kabbalah’s Angels,

It will not ask for anything. You are simply going to start activating this internal code that you have been shutting down for a long time. Once you have managed to visualize the first exercise with ease, begin what will be from now on the way to invoke and activate your angels.

Visualization Exercises – Paper – Hands

Take a bath and put on clean clothes, especially clean your mouth well and brush your teeth well. Take a good look at the image below:

How to meditate Kabbalah’s Angels,

You will see how the letters will “literally” start to vibrate and bring out a halo of light from the edges, then follow these instructions:

How to meditate Kabbalah’s Angels,

What if I can see the letters clearly in my mind?

That means that you have successfully established contact with your angel. Then follow the instructions below:

2. Once you have called it raise your hands to the level of your head as shown in the picture below:

How to meditate Kabbalah’s Angels,

3. By placing your hands upwards, your 10 fingers channel the request and energy towards the 10 spheres of the Sefirot (tree of life).

4. Make your request in a LOUD VOICE, because it is necessary to create with words the command for help in a clear way. By speaking things are known, by keeping silent they are ignored. Human beings create angels or demons with words. That is why it is important to take care of what we say.

Finally THANKS TO OUR HEAVENLY FATHER for this moment of connection produced through his angel.


This is just a simple example of how you can establish the first successful communication with your angel. In time you will create another type of form in which you feel more comfortable, the important thing is:

  • When meditating with your angel, dedicate that time only to HIM. Turn off your phone and do not allow anyone to interrupt you.
  • Remember to clean your body and especially your mouth.
  • Place meditation reminders in places visible to you to remind you of your time of connection with your angel or angels.

The other negative cadre (the angels of the tree of the Qlifot or contrary to them) will always try to make you forget to do these meditations. They need your suffering and deficiencies to fill themselves with energy, so their mission will be that you do not connect with your angels of the Sefirot.

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