November´s Kabbalah Angels

Information and reference of the Kabbalah Angels of November, classified with Jewish and Gregorian calendars.

Angel Number 50 Daniel

Angel 50 Daniel

Angel Number 50 Daniel, known for his mercy and wisdom, reaches out to the hearts lost at the crossroads of life. As the patron of legal eloquence, he offers more than words: he promises a spiritual awakening that transforms the soul and guides towards an existence of understanding and inner peace.


Angel Number 49 Vehuel

Angel 49 Vehuel

Connecting with Vehuel, Angel Number 49, is a journey to the essence of what we truly are. It invites us to dissolve the ego and embrace our indestructible core, the one that shines beyond titles and status. It is a path of introspection, an anchor in the tempest that reconnects us with our divine spark.