Popular rituals to welcome the new year

Popular rituals to welcome the new year, InfoMistico.com

You should have your rituals and strategies ready for December 31st to achieve your goals for the coming year. There are some easy things you can do to attract abundance, love, health and prosperity to your home.

Rituals to get what you want for the year 2023

Rituals with grapes

You will be lucky if you eat the 12 grapes while the bells are ringing and make a wish for each one of them. The meaning of this ritual has to do with each person’s hopes and wishes for the coming year and their desire for them to come true.

Money Rituals

The practice of counting money at midnight has been around for many years. Some people start the year with a stack of bills in their hands to make sure they have enough money. In addition, it is believed that putting money inside shoes will bring fortune.

Rituals with lentils

It is said that if you eat a teaspoon of lentils you will attract good luck. Give a little of this food to your best friend so that the new year will be prosperous and full of abundance for your business.

Rituals with suitcases

You will make a lot of trips if you take your suitcases out the front door afternoon or when you go out and come into the house.

Rituals for marriage

Marriage will be achieved by sitting down and getting up again with each of the twelve chimes. You can reinforce the sentimental union by raising a glass of champagne while wearing a gold ring.

Rituals for love

Take a picture of the person you want to love, tie a red ribbon on it and place it under your pillow all night long on December 31 in the hope that he or she will still love you next year.

Rituals for Happiness

At the sound of 12 chimes, say aloud or mentally, “This year I will be happy”.

Rituals with stones

Three small stones are often used in homes as a representation of wealth, love and health.

Spike rituals

Your family members will experience peace and good fortune if ears of corn are used to decorate your home.

Candle Rituals

Peace will be brought by blue candles, abundance by yellow candles, passion by red candles, health by green candles, clarity by white candles and intelligence by orange candles.

New clothes

Try to wear something new that day so you always have a fresh wardrobe. Fashion addicts and fashionistas have a special ritual.

Clean the house

Even if you don’t have dinner there that night, your house needs to be very clean. Everything needs to be swept and cleaned, but the corners are especially important. The best way to get rid of all the nasty stuff and make sure better things will come is to try to get rid of anything that is broken.

Cinnamon and tasty treats should be placed throughout the house. The first is to attract good fortune and the second is to make sure there is always love.

Decorate the table

So that there will always be love between your loved ones, set the table with the finest tablecloth, cutlery and glasses you own, not to mention red candles. For there to be money in your home for the entire first year, the table should be decorated with something golden.

Before dinner begins, there should be a small bowl of cooked lentils. You should eat them to ensure your financial security in the coming year.

New Year’s toast

Sparkling wine is a must because the bubbles it produces when served to symbolize the joy of the whole year. Put a gold ring in your glass when toasting and, if you don’t drink, bite the ring to favor having money.

Dinner should include a cake with three different coins inserted and wrapped in aluminum foil so that those who receive it are the financially prosperous ones.

New Year’s Eve Ritual and the Wishing Bottle

We all wish to put an end to all the bad things that have happened to us this year as the end of the year approaches. The most popular wishes are for prosperity, love and health.

People want to be happy and, as a new year has begun, everyone is under the illusion that they are getting there. Even the most skeptical among us perform some rituals because everyone is aware that they are being recognized and showered with affection and love regularly.

Therefore, you should not forget to dedicate a nice ritual of thought, love and success to your friends, loved ones and your country in this new year. There is nothing nicer than a wish for luck and blessing expressed from the heart.

You can make a nice ritual with your whole family, which will delight everyone, especially the little ones.

Once you have finished toasting to the new year, take back the empty bottle you toasted with and modify the cork so that you can safely place it back anywhere in your home after doing the following:

To begin the ceremony

All attendees should write their goals for the coming year on a small piece of paper without anyone else seeing it.

Afterward, each person will add it to the bottle, which will then be closed securely. Asking the sea or river to accept the wishes and give them movement so that they can be fulfilled, this bottle should be thrown into the sea or a river, but where there is current so that it does not remain motionless.

The most important thing of all is that you feel as happy as possible, that joy fills your house and envelopes all your loved ones, regardless of what you decide to do that night or whether you decide to perform a ritual or not.

Such is the best way to start a new year. The wonders of this year will open our minds. To all households around the world, a happy new year filled with love and health during this wonderful holiday season.

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