Keeping undesirable people away at Christmas

Keeping undesirable people away at Christmas,

Every home opens its doors to friends, family and, occasionally, uninvited visitors during the holiday season. While some people use the occasion to instigate conflict, most take advantage of the season to live in peace with one another.

Christmas ritual to keep away unwanted guests

There are year-end rituals to attract good luck, love, wealth and health, but there is also one to drive away unwanted guests. In their book “Magic of fruits and vegetables“, Mario Jiménez Castillo and Martha Graniello Ruso offer you a ritual based on guavas.


All you need for this ritual are three guavas.

  • After you have them, you must peel them and let them dry.
  • Once they are dry, you must bury them very close to the entrance of your house or place them on the roof of your home.

The purpose of this ritual is to keep away unwanted guests and bad energies.

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