Christmas decorating table ideas

Christmas decorating table ideas,

There’s nothing better than sharing a meal, but planning a Christmas dinner at home can be chaotic. These centerpieces will help you create the ideal ambiance and add a touch of whimsy and elegance to your table. They are small works of art despite their apparent simplicity.

Ideas to decorate your Christmas table

Candles and flowers for Christmas

Combine the intense red of the poinsettia with white candles to create a beautiful and impressive table arrangement. Place a glass vase with sand in the bottom, a plant in the center and a few long, thin candles arranged around it.

You can finish by adding some ornamental green spruce branches and red berries (Amaryllis). Choose a medium basket and fill it with pinecones if you prefer the rustic look. Spray them with metallic, gold, or silver paint and add several red bows made with satin or silk ribbons to complete the look.

Use Christmas balls

You can place them on a table in a very simple way instead of hanging them on the tree. You need a tall vase of medium diameter. If you want to convey a sense of harmony and sobriety, select medium-sized balls of a single color.

If you prefer, you can choose brighter balls with Christmas motifs, such as stars or snowflakes. The third option, mixing balls of all colors, is more fun and has a pop point.

Nuts are another common resource that gives off a cozy, country feel. Put a few almonds, pine nuts, almonds, or walnuts on a bed of greens.

Use a small fruit bowl; the more discreet and unobtrusive, the better. Do you dare to cover it with glitter?

Stems and garlands

There are riskier options for the more daring. Get a few medium-sized vases and fill the bottom with colorful tinsel streamers. Knot the stems with string at the bottom to keep them in place (three will do).

Another element that can be used to dress up the table by itself is the Christmas wreath. Any model will do naturally, with pine cones and apples, dry branches… Put a wide cone-shaped candle inside and place it in the center or at the ends of the table (next to the headboards).

Seasonal products

The table can also be decorated with seasonal produce and vegetables. Choose them in various shades (carrots, arugula, mushrooms, red cabbage, etc.) and place them on a bed of moss or a loaf of local bread as a base.

A row of candle apples would be an alternative arrangement. To insert the candle, first, remove the top and center part of the fruit (just as you would remove the top and filling). Because of their diminutive size, bread plates also make a great base.

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