Christmas Tree Astrological Symbolism

Christmas Tree Astrological Symbolism,

The Christmas tree and the usual decoration of our homes during the Christmas holidays have a deep meaning that they share with other sacred trees around the world. Among their many symbolic meanings, they represent two very significant ones: fertility and immortality.

Christmas Tree Astrological Symbolism

These are two of the elements related to Jupiter, which also represent spiritual guidance, good health, prosperity and peace. According to the account in the book of Genesis, there were two important trees in Paradise:

The knowledge of good and evil is one and the tree of life is the other.

In the days leading up to the celebration of the birth of the Messiah, symbolized astrologically by the Sun, it is precisely the latter that is symbolically represented and ornamented with such care.

Primitive customs are used to tie or decorate sacred trees with ribbons or other ornaments to communicate with the tree and request its blessings or the fulfillment of their wishes.

Jupiter is the symbol of all resinous trees

It should not be forgotten that the pine tree has also been traditionally used for this purpose. Jupiter is known as the “great benefic” because it is the planet that symbolizes luck in people’s lives and is the one that gives us all positive qualities such as health and prosperity.

Giving all sorrows, ailments and emotional burdens to the sacred trees is another tradition related to them. According to tradition, Jupiter absorbs all the evil from each of the twelve houses of our birth charts as it passes through them.

Some folklore holds that the scent of cedar and pine can counteract any unfavorable energy that may enter our home.

The Christmas tree spheres

Just as the gifts are placed at the base of the tree, the spheres with which we decorate our Christmas trees represent the fruits of our good deeds and spiritual wisdom.

Some people decorate their trees with a star in honor of the Star of Bethlehem, which we will talk about in one of our next articles. Some people also place an angel, another symbol related to Jupiter.

Christmas tree ornaments and lights

The garlands of lights, or any other material used to decorate it, are among the most divisive and symbolic components of Christmas tree decorations.

In Genesis, the serpent is said to represent the “fall of man” (he is the “deceiver”), while the serpent represented by the Christmas tree garlands represents discretion and wisdom. Be “gentle as a dove and wise as a serpent,” as Jesus advised.

Prudence is a by-product of knowledge and wisdom, the result of the spiritual light Christ brought to earth.

With the above information in mind, we should teach our children all this beautiful symbolism so that bringing and decorating our tree is not a mechanical process and, more importantly, so that every time we see it and smell its aroma, we remember that it represents everything we want in our lives.

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