Christmas Tree to Activate Love

Christmas Tree to Activate Love,

If you have a partner and would like to get married next year or if you don’t have a partner yet and would like to meet that person you would like to have a real relationship with and get married…

Christmas tree ornaments to boost love

This is the way you should decorate your Christmas tree to focus your energy to achieve your goals this coming year.

Christmas tree materials

  • A white Christmas tree
  • A silver star
  • White pencil and paper
  • Ivory tulle
  • Silver and white spheres
  • White, silver and crystal hearts
  • White or silver angels
  • Red ribbon and two cinnamon sticks
  • Two earrings
  • Souvenirs from a wedding you have been to
  • Keys
  • Two rose quartz
  • White bag
  • Three lemon verbena leaves
  • Three red rose petals
  • Three mint leaves
  • White luminaries
  • One red ribbon, one ribbon, or both

The Christmas Tree

The tree should be white, large or small, as you prefer and you can place it wherever you want in your home, in the public area, or your private space.

The star, which should be placed first on the Tree and serve as a reference point, should be silver in color and have five points, representing the four elements and the Spirit.

The next step is to write your full name, your partner’s name and your desire to get married in the coming year on a piece of white paper with a pencil.

If you do not have a mate

Write your full name and your wish to meet the person you will marry next year. With the letters facing up, tuck the paper under the base of the Tree.

Place the ivory tulle covering the paper with your request at the base of the tree. Once you have completed the first three steps, arrange the white and silver spheres in any number as long as it is an even number.

Distribute as many white, silver, or crystal hearts as you like, but make sure they are even numbers. As many white or silver angels as you want, as long as they are even.

With a red ribbon or bow tie two cinnamon sticks, which give a relationship good energy, sweetness and passion, before hanging them from a tree branch. You can tie two rings together with a red ribbon.

Have you recently attended a wedding?

It is also ideal to put it if you have recently attended a wedding and received a reminder. As many keys to open the way as you want, but with even numbers.

Put three leaves of lemon verbena, three leaves of meth leaves and three petals of a red rose in a little white bag. Tie the bag in three places and hang it from a tree branch.

When you unhook the tree, you can use the bag and cinnamon sticks as a love charm.

Light the Christmas tree with white lights and finally, place a red ribbon under the star, symbolizing that you are tying your wish.