Last Full Moon Ritual

Last Full Moon Ritual,

With the final full moon of 2022, perform a ritual to achieve your goals. The icy moon, or the final full moon of the year, will take place on December 7. Dare to do this ritual and make your dreams come true.

Ritual Last Cold Full Moon of 2022

This Wednesday, December 7, when the icy full moon in Gemini rises in the sky, the universe will give us one last chance to end cycles and achieve our goals.

The full moon, which symbolizes the conclusion of the lunar cycle and has astrological significance, is the best time to express gratitude to the universe for all that it has given us during this period.

It is advisable to make circles in this last stretch and replenish energies to start a new cycle with all the cosmic goodness. Being the last week of 2022, we not only close a lunar cycle, but also a full calendar year which we will witness this week.

Take advantage of this energy to perform the ritual we propose below, which will help you realize your goals for 2023.

Ritual for the Cold Full Moon to help you achieve your goals

All you need for this ritual are three things:

  1. A white candle
  2. A pen
  3. A blank piece of paper

Once you have all these things, find a quiet area where you can disconnect and no one will disturb you. Make sure that your greatest aspirations are material and contribute to your personal development.

For example, you may want to become a better husband, brother, son, etc. Another thing is that you want to strengthen your character or gain more self-confidence, or whatever comes from within.

Reflect on what you have just written

Light the white candle with a match and take a moment to reflect on what you have just written. After reading your dreams aloud, imagine that they have already come true.

Fold the paper in half and leave it under the candle until it is completely consumed. Don’t forget to blow it out and relight it if you leave the house to continue the ritual.

Lastly, keep the paper in a safe place – to which only you have access – and read it out loud every time you feel anxious or drift away from your dreams. It will help you set and achieve your goals for the coming year.

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