Living the holidays with a conscience

Living the holidays with a conscience,

Self-affirmations will help you to celebrate Christmas from the Self and not from the ego.

Christmas should be lived from the Self and not from the ego

Commitment meetings to mark the season

I grant myself the freedom to go to them or not. I will make the decisions that are healthiest and most in line with who I am and how I feel right now in each moment for the sake of inner coherence.

Christmas shopping and gifts

The heart will lead the way when it comes to buying gifts rather than a conviction or demand for commitment. I will keep in mind the adage “less is more” and refrain from the excesses that our consumerist culture tries to indoctrinate us with at this time of year.


Take time to savor each bite, pay attention during meals and consider how the qualities of each food and the amounts are eaten affect my body’s overall health.

Excessive alcohol consumption

Consciously choose whether or not to drink alcohol, as well as the amount I will consume, taking into account the needs of my body and mind. I will consider the negative effects of using alcohol as a technique to calm or numb emotions.

Expectations of happiness and fun

Throughout this holiday season, I will be present, flow with what is happening and let go of expectations. What it is.

I break my healthy habits

Looking for a healthy balance between maintaining my healthy routines (meditation, exercise, reading, self-care, creative activities, etc.) and making adjustments to meet the demands of the situation.

Demanding that others celebrate Christmas my way

If our beliefs do not coincide, I will respect the traditions of those around me during this holiday season without judgment or negative comments, just as I will ask them to respect me.

Living in the past

To stop constantly focusing on loved ones who are gone or on the past and instead pay attention to the here and now, what is happening and how I feel about the people I care about.

Repeating routines out of obligation

Giving myself permission to deviate from the script this holiday season and forgo social and family conditioning, especially when it comes to bad or unhealthy habits.

Define Christmas differently

Leaving old-fashioned ideas behind. I will spend this holiday season taking care of my needs and those of my loved ones. I will recognize the significance of this time in my life today as I celebrate it. I will live it from the presence and I will re-signify Christmas and the end of the year from the Being.

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