Do you want to change the world?

Do you want to change the world?,

Our home is our temple and that is why we must always keep it as perfect as we want it to be and that is how we have our home, especially our room, reflects our life.

First, clean your room and then change the world

People whose rooms are a mess are unstable, who don’t dare to change and some have a clean and tidy room reflecting how their lives are the same way as their home.

You may have heard that your order in the house reflects the order you have in your life, it is time to consider these wise words, because the things in your house are out of control and so will your life.

Today we will talk to you about the importance of keeping the bedroom clean to achieve what we want, we hope this information will be useful and encourage you to improve your quality of life.

Your order reflects your life – Start with the bedroom

If your room is a mess and you get angry because things don’t go your way, have you ever thought that everything is upside down because you don’t have an order in your room?

What does the order of our homes have to do with our lives?

It has a lot to do, the energies that accumulate in this disorder are only making everything go wrong for you.

You may not believe in the effects of energies, but they affect your life more than you think, that’s why keeping them always positive and organized is a good way to start, organizing everything in your home, starting with your room.

Cluttered room

Having a messy room gives people a lot to think about you, so how little you care about their opinions, but it can be an obstacle to getting what you want from them.

What to expect from someone who can’t even organize their closet? You can’t organize your life or anything else.

This reflection came from Joe Rogan, who invited an expert psychologist, Jordan B. Peterson, to his podcast, who pointed out that many young people worry more about what’s outside their homes than the clutter in their bedrooms.

Peterson said:

There are 18-year-olds now, trying to fix the economy and they know nothing about it. It’s a massive, complex apparatus that is beyond the comprehension of any inexperienced person.

So can they sort out their room? No. They should think about that. If they can’t even clean their room, what advice are they going to be giving to the world?

You’re right about that and we’re sure many would agree with that statement. How can you solve a bigger problem than fixing a single room?

He adds:

“My feeling is that if you want to change the world, you start from within yourself and then go out into the world, because that’s how you best develop your skills.”

This article has been adapted and translated by / By Agency for the Development of Murcia’s Creative Industries

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