The Cinnamon Cross

The Cinnamon Cross,

One of the best amulets we can create is the “Cinnamon Cross”. If you don’t mind the fragrance, you can carry it in your wallet or purse and use its power there as well as at work and home.

Cinnamon Cross Amulet

Amulets are objects charged with positive energy to offer protection from evil spirits, bad vibes, or negative influences.

These objects can be diverse, from carved, painted, or made with materials such as stones, shells, quartz, bones, metals, fabrics, or ropes. They are usually worn around the neck, on the wrist, or in the pocket as a form of protection against evil.


This spice has a strong aroma and flavor and is widely used in cooking. It has also been used as an amulet in many cultures for centuries. It is believed that cinnamon can attract good luck, prosperity and abundance to homes.

Used to protect people from evil spirits and bad vibes. It can be used as an amulet by placing cinnamon on shelves in the house or cupboards, or by hanging a cinnamon stick on the front door. Cinnamon can also be burned to purify the air.

How to make the Cinnamon Cross amulet?

Preferably, it should be made during the Crescent Moon.

You will need to make the amulet:

  • You need two cinnamon sticks
  • Form a cross with one of them longer than the other
  • When preparing, start by making nine turns of a thread of the color you choose for the ritual
  • In the center, insert star anise.
  • Cinnamon Cross Mantra

While holding the components, say this mantra three times:

“Let the troubles that sow strife and evil among my own family leave my house as the potency of the aroma of cinnamon rises from the Earth. So shall it be done, so shall it be done.

So be it!”

Using the cinnamon cross amulet instructions

You can put one behind the front door, one behind the desk, or in your purse if it requires extra protection there. Once the scent is completely gone, this one is made again and replaced.

Other charms for protection and luck

Here are some common examples of amulets for protection and luck:

  • The amulet of the Turkish eye (or the eye of Horus) protects against the evil eye and brings good luck.
  • The Star of David amulet is a symbol of protection and good luck due to its association with the Jewish people and their history.
  • The amulet of the cross is a Christian symbol worn as a reminder of the Christian faith and as a way to feel protected and connected to God.
  • The amulet of the crescent moon is an Islamic symbol worn as a reminder of their Islamic faith and as a way to feel protected and connected to Allah.
  • Fatima hand amulet is an Islamic symbol, said to be especially effective in protecting children and attracting prosperity.
  • The yin-yang amulet is a Chinese symbol, that represents the duality of life, harmony and unity. It is worn as a reminder of Chinese philosophy and to feel protected and connected to balance and harmony.
  • The hare lucky charm is a Chinese symbol, it is associated with the Chinese legend of the jade hare, which is said to live on the moon and become the elixir of immortality. It represents fertility and wealth. It is carried as a way to remember a belief or as a way to feel more secure or protected.
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