Broom Behind the Door

Broom Behind the Door,

You may have noticed a broom in the corner of some of the houses you have visited in the past. If this has surprised you, you are not alone. However, if you are unfamiliar with the reason behind this peculiar ritual, let us explain it to you. Not only is it very simple but it can also be useful if you ever decide to put it into practice.

The meaning behind the broom behind the door

Magical protection for your home or workplace

This ritual known as the magical placement of the broom behind the door aims to protect the residence or workplace from negative influences, evil spirits and other negative energies that may affect the people who live or work there.

As a symbol of sweeping outward, the broom should be placed in such a way that the brush is facing downward. This gesture is considered a way of warding off bad vibes and maintaining positive energy within the home or workspace.

In most cases, it is also used as a means of getting rid of unwanted visitors, especially those who seem unwilling to leave.

In that case, the broom is placed behind the door, resulting in an unexpected effect for the unwanted visitor, who will quickly leave the place. Although it may seem superstitious, this ritual has been practiced for centuries in different cultures and communities around the world.

Those who carry it out claim that the results are palpable and that the energy of their home or workplace remains balanced and peaceful.

For hundreds of years, the broom has been used as a means of protecting oneself from negative and harmful energies. Although its origins are uncertain, this tool has gained a large following due to its alleged powers.

It is believed that if placed behind a door, it can act as a shield against any type of impact, from everyday matters to personal relationships.

How to use a broom behind the door to protect your home and get rid of unwanted visitors

For those who want to protect their home or workplace from negative energies, the ritual of the broom behind the door can be an option. This practice is very effective and has been adopted by numerous people.

Once the broom is placed behind the door, unwanted visitors usually leave quickly. It is beneficial for those who want to avoid the presence of someone who may be uncomfortable or unwanted in their personal space.

This ritual not only has a practical cleaning function but is used to ward off bad energies and symbolizes protection against negative influences from the past.

According to an ancient legend, upon seeing a broom placed behind the door, one could not help but be carried away by the impulse to fly away, hence the well-known phrase “fly away”. For this reason, after receiving visitors at home, it is essential to perform a deep cleaning to avoid negative energy staying inside the house.

If you have recently acquired a home, it is important to know that you should use a new broom to sweep behind the door.

This broom should be as new as the home itself, as the old broom should stay in the previous residence. All of this is done to achieve a positive flow of energy, allowing for a current free of negativity and for the area to feel fresh and revitalizing.

How to attract positive energies with a broom behind the door

Ancient ritual for protection and luck

The use of a broom placed behind a door has long been recognized for its ability to repel negative energies. However, not many know that it can also act as a magnet to attract positive and good energies.

The reason behind this is that nature tends to manifest itself more in positive energies than in negative ones. The power of the earth is also made evident through the broom.

It is recommended to use old brooms instead of modern ones made of fiber or plastic. It is important to select a broom of typical size.

For those who wish to use smaller brooms, they can be placed in workplaces or businesses to better integrate them. In addition to favoring luck, these smaller brooms also ensure that nothing unfavorable can enter the place where they are located.

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