Broom behind the door

Broom behind the door,

You may have been surprised to discover a broom in a house you have been in. However, if you feel astonished because you don’t know this ritual and don’t know what it consists of, we explain it to you. It is very simple and can be useful if you ever decide to perform it.

Broom behind the door meaning

This magical practice of placing the broom behind the door serves to protect the residence or workplace from negative influences, evil spirits, and other negative energies.

As a representation of sweeping outward, toward the outside, it should be placed so that the broom or brush is facing downward.

Usually, it is also done when there is an undesirable visitor -the kind that does not usually leave- because its effect will be unexpected at that moment. In that situation, it is placed behind the door. In the end, they will leave that place very quickly thanks to this ritual that, despite seeming superstitious, is not.

Behind the door

Once the broom, whose origin is unknown but which has been used for hundreds of years, is placed behind the door, unwanted guests will soon leave.

It is said that the broom acts as a shield against all harmful energies, protecting the person from any impact, including daily activities, mood, relationships with family, partner, love, income, and everything else.

Therefore, some people feel the need to bring these energies into their homes or workplaces. The broom behind the door ritual often works and is used by many people. You will be relieved when the uncomfortable visitor leaves as soon as possible because you don’t want to stay too long.

State of mind

These are visits that have an impact on one’s mental state, and the magical power of this ritual is so significant that few people could imagine that this issue would be resolved with such a simple action. In addition to being a physical and esoteric cleansing tool, it has much symbolic significance.

Bad energies are expelled when the broom is placed behind the front door of the house, but doing so also evokes the expulsion of witches from the premises in earlier times because it prevented them from entering.


According to legend, they could not help but fly away when they saw the broom behind the door, so the phrase “flee” or “fly away” refers exactly to this. After the visitor has left, you should thoroughly clean the area to prevent their negative energy from lingering inside the house.

If you have recently bought a new house, you should know that you should use the broom before you put it behind the door. The broom should be as new as the house itself, and your old broom should have been left in the previous residence.

All this is done so that the energies will flow so that everything will have a good current, so that nothing negative will be left and everything will go away, and so that the area will be fresh and uplifting.

For positive energies

The effect of the broom behind the door always serves to repel negative energies; however, it can also act as a perfect lure for positive and good energies.

Nature will always be more evident in the former than in the latter, and the power of the earth is also manifested with all of it, so an old-fashioned broom is preferable to modern fiber or plastic ones. It is necessary to choose one that has a typical size.

You can also use others of smaller dimensions if you intend to place them in a place of work or business so that they blend in better, favor luck and make sure that nothing unfavorable can enter inside.

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