The Sages of the Plum-Colored Robe

The Sages of the Plum-Colored Robe,

In ancient times, a mystical group known as the Sages of the Plum-Colored Robe guarded ancestral secrets. Chao Mu, a young man searching for answers about the purpose of his existence, embarks on a spiritual journey under the guidance of these sages. As he learns and grows, he discovers the profound wisdom these guardians of knowledge have preserved for centuries, facing challenges that test his patience and determination.

Legend of the Sages of the Plum-Colored Robe

Chao Mu’s Journey in Search of Wisdom

A young man named Chao Mu, driven by the desire to understand the purpose of his existence, joined the wise leader of this group. As they traveled, Chao Mu immersed himself in the sage’s teachings, eagerly absorbing every drop of knowledge offered to him.

In every village they visited, the inhabitants gathered to listen to the sage. Though faces and voices changed, the master’s words remained constant, like a universal mantra speaking to every soul.

Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. The warm summer season gave way to the golden and copper hues of autumn. As time passed, more disciples joined, but many also left; not everyone was ready for the journey that true knowledge entailed.

Patience: The Key to Wisdom

One evening, with the crescent moon in the sky, Chao Mu asked, “Master, where does this energy that gives us life come from? What is the purpose of our existence?”

With a look full of depth, the sage replied, “Patience, young Chao Mu, is the key. Over time, all answers will be revealed.”

The months continued to pass and as they traveled, Chao Mu witnessed the sage’s incredible ability to perceive the energy of people and places. On one occasion, a worried villager approached for advice. His home and family were in disarray. With just a glance, the sage determined that the imbalance came from the colors and elements surrounding the villagers. He instructed specific changes in the environment and attire, restoring harmony.

Confused, Chao Mu asked, “Master, why do colors and objects have such an impact on our lives?” The sage explained how everything on Earth has energy, whether positive or negative and how the balance between these energies determines the harmony in our lives.

The Monastery of the Sages

Winter was approaching and with it, the journey led the group toward the snow-covered mountains. Despite the cold, the sage taught Chao Mu to use his mind to conserve heat. At night, they gathered around a fire, absorbing its warmth and light.

One night, in the deepest winter darkness, the sage took Chao Mu to a hidden valley. There, amidst the silent snow, stood a monastery, home of the Sages of the Plum-Colored Robe.

Before entering, the sage gave Chao Mu a bamboo chair, telling him, “Sit here and do not move until I come for you.” Chao Mu obeyed, waiting in silence as other disciples joined him.

The seasons passed. One by one, the disciples gave in to temptations and left their chairs. However, Chao Mu remained, nourished by his determination and the small gifts nature offered.

Finally, a year later, the sage returned and found Chao Mu, the only one who had endured. Smiling, he led him into the monastery and revealed his destiny: “You have shown your worth, young Chao Mu. Now you will join us as a Sage of the Plum-Colored Robe.”

The Legend of the Sages

Over the years, many seekers came to the monastery in search of wisdom. But only a few, like Chao Mu, were truly worthy of joining the Sages.

As the eons passed, the existence of the Sages became a legend, forgotten by many but always alive in the hearts of those who seek the truth.

The legend of the Sages of the Plum-Colored Robe, forgotten by many, remains alive in the hearts of truth seekers. Chao Mu, having demonstrated his worth and patience, becomes a symbol of dedication and ancestral wisdom. His spiritual journey highlights how each challenge and teaching from the sages contributes to a deeper understanding of life. Chao Mu’s story inspires others to embark on their own search for inner knowledge and balance.

The narrative “The Sages of the Plum-Colored Robe” is an original work by FUN-CHANG.