When the Light Goes Out: The Four Candles Speak

When the Light Goes Out: The Four Candles Speak, InfoMistico.com

In a dim corner of a room, four candles gave off a peaceful glow. Their light flickered gently, piercing the room’s stillness. The silence was so profound that the words they exchanged echoed clearly.

Hope Shines Even When All Other Lights Go Out

The first, glowing brightly, declared:

“I represent Peace. Despite my constant glow, humanity fails to protect my essence. Looking at the world, I see conflicts, tensions, and disagreements.” With sorrow in her heart, her glow dimmed until it finally went out.

The second, shining with a deep blue, shared:

“I stand for Faith. Sadly, over time, many souls have chosen to forget their connection with the divine. I feel overlooked, for they’ve stopped believing in what they can’t see.” As she voiced her sadness, a gentle wind blew her out.

With a warm red hue, the third candle confessed:

“I embody Love. Although it’s the most profound and true feeling, I notice that people often reserve me for their selfish moments, forgetting to share and spread love.” Disheartened, her light vanished.

Just when all hope seemed lost, a young girl entered the room. Her eyes filled with sadness seeing the three extinguished candles.

“Why have you stopped shining? You must keep your light until every corner is lit.”

The fourth candle, glowing gold and warm, responded:

“I am Hope. While the others have lost their light, I remain lit. My essence encourages humanity to move forward, even in the darkest times. With my flame, we can bring the others back to life.”

Guided by the candle of Hope, the girl took a match and reignited the flames of Peace, Faith, and Love. Together, the four candles illuminated the room, reminding us of the importance of keeping these essences alive in our daily lives.

Our lives are filled with challenges and trials. Yet, it’s vital to remember that as long as we have hope, there’s always a chance to revive peace, renew our faith, and rediscover love.

May the candle of Hope never go out within us!

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