Who Guides Better: The Moon or the Sea? A Tale

Who Guides Better: The Moon or the Sea? A Tale, InfoMistico.com

The moon and the sea often talked from afar. Each believed they had a greater influence on the world than the other. While the moon lit up the night, the sea reached every part of the world with its waves.

The Moon and the Sea’s Rivalry Leads to an Unforgettable Lesson

One evening, during a calm conversation, the moon said to the sea:

“I am certain that with my light, I can guide lost travelers to their destination.”

The sea, with its deep voice, replied:

“You might shine brightly, but I have the power to change a ship’s course, take it to unknown lands, or save it from looming dangers.”

They decided to test their influence. They saw a fisherman lost in the vast ocean, desperately trying to find his way home.

With her silvery glow, the moon lit the fisherman’s path, showing him a clear way. However, as she shone brighter, the fisherman became distracted. He looked up at the moon and forgot his route.

The sea chose to act. Its waves began to move in unison, creating a current that would guide the fisherman to the shore. At first, the boat rocked, and the fisherman felt scared. But slowly, he trusted the sea’s rhythm and let the waves guide him.

Once on solid ground, the fisherman looked up to the sky and thanked both the moon for her light and the sea for its guidance.

From above, the moon said to the sea:

“You are right. Your influence is direct and strong. Yet, we both played our roles.”

With humility, the sea replied:

“Perhaps it’s not about who has more power, but how we combine our strengths to assist those in need.”

Both learned a vital lesson that night. It’s not about competing or proving one’s superiority. It’s about joining forces and working together to make the world a better place.

From that day on, the moon and the sea chose to be allies, complementing each other, guiding and assisting all beings on our planet.

Reflection: As humans, we often seek to compete, to prove we’re better or stronger. In doing so, we overlook the power of collaboration, synergy, and unity. True strength is found in complementarity and working together.

Mike Rivero