Spiritual Stories: Conversation Before Birth

Spiritual Stories: Conversation Before Birth, InfoMistico.com

Since the beginning of time, stories have aimed to connect the physical with the spiritual world, offering lessons that go beyond cultures and boundaries. Today, I’ll share a story with you. While its narrative is straightforward, it holds deep symbolism and life lessons.

Stories Connecting Realms: A Conversation Between a Child and Divinity Before Birth

In a different dimension, where time and space intertwine and a divine aura touches every particle, a small being prepared for its grandest journey: birth on Earth.

It’s no small task because the earthly world is full of challenges. This is the conversation between the child and the divine:

— I hear you’re sending me to Earth tomorrow, but how will I live, being so small and vulnerable?

— I’ve chosen an angel for you from many; they await you and will take care of you.

With the innocence only found in the purest of souls, the child asked:

— But here in heaven, I only sing and smile, which makes me happy.

— Your angel will sing to you, and smile at you every day, and you’ll feel their love and be happy.

— How will I understand what people say when I don’t know the strange language humans speak?

— Your angel will say the kindest, sweetest words to you and, with patience and affection, will teach you to speak.

Pondering the divine connection, the child inquired:

— And when do I want to speak to you?

— Your angel will join your little hands and teach you to pray.

— I’ve heard there are bad people on Earth. Who will protect me?

— Your angel will protect you, even at the cost of their life.

The child’s anxiety was evident when thinking of parting:

— But I’ll always be sad because I won’t see you anymore, Lord.

— Your angel will speak of me and show you back to my presence, but I’ll always be with you.

Distant earthly voices began to approach, signaling the child’s imminent journey:

— My Lord, as I leave, tell me their name. What’s my angel’s name?

— The name doesn’t matter; you’ll call them MOTHER…

Earthly Angels: The Spiritual Essence of Motherhood and Its Connection to the Divine

From this viewpoint, motherhood is not merely biological but a divine commitment and spiritual mission. It’s a melding of journeys, both physical and spiritual, that links dimensions and confirms the existence of greater forces.

The image of the mother portrayed as an angel, is a universal symbol of unconditional love, protection, and guidance. She’s the bridge between the earthly and spiritual worlds, the first teacher, the tireless defender.

Through this story, we are reminded of the immense value of motherhood and how, despite worldly challenges, pure and eternal love always guides us.

I invite everyone to reflect on the angels in our lives, those beings who guide, protect, and love us unconditionally. Let’s appreciate their presence and honor their sacrifice and love.