New Moon in Aquarius

New Moon in Aquarius,

Under the influence of the Aquarian New Moon, new energy flows from the cosmos. This New Moon, which will appear on January 21st, is a quiet time to plant seeds, make resolutions and think about all that you want to bring into your life.

How to take advantage of the New Moon in Aquarius

To bring your life into greater alignment, it can be helpful to set intentions and create goals. It will give you a sense of direction and meaning in your daily activities.

This New Moon invites you to be gentle in your approach, although setting intentions and sending your wishes to the Universe are wonderful tools that can produce beneficial results.

  • What if you shed the notion of lofty ambitions and goals?
  • What if you gave up the notion that you must always be active and purposeful?
  • What if you gave up the notion of striving and simply allowed yourself to be?

In the last few months, strong cosmic energy has pulled us into the underworld. Mercury and Mars, both retrograde and in their post, retrograde shadow phases during the night of the Aquarius New Moon, have been the sources of this energy.

Discovering the hidden truth: A new light of clarity and understanding

All that has been hidden and lurking in the shadows emerge during this phase, giving us a greater sense of clarity, understanding and awareness.

There is a need for you to move with awareness, to be kind to yourself and, ultimately, to not put so much pressure on yourself. This Aquarius New Moon carries fresh energy and will help you clear the cobwebs from any inner journeys we have been on.

You have just finished a difficult and prolonged journey; we must be patient and give ourselves some grace to recover. On Aquarius, the Aquarian New Moon occurs at the 1st degree of Aquarius, a highly karmic degree for new beginnings and it is also the first of the lunar year.

Even if your life is still covered in cobwebs from your descent into hell, you may already be feeling the flow of new beginnings. Take a more open stance if you want to use this new energy of beginnings to make some resolutions and plant some seeds.

Think about how you want to feel instead of being too specific with your intentions and creating exact scenarios on your vision board.

How do you want to feel each morning when you wake up?

Make a list of the top three emotions you would like to experience and then reflect on how to incorporate them into your daily activities, even if they are minimal. Pay attention to the moments when these emotions come naturally.

Respect and appreciate them and watch them increase in number in your life.

The Fascinating Orbit of Chariclo

Under this New Moon, Chariclo, the asteroid of spiritual medicine, is active. Our body’s natural healing abilities are supported by the profoundly feminine energy that Wolverine carries.

Chariclo sends out a powerful beam of energy that serves as a reminder that our bodies are capable and powerful machines with the ability to heal.

Our symptoms do not have to disappear completely for healing to occur. All types of healing are possible. It can be self-acceptance, education, or simply feeling comfortable in your skin, no matter what.

Let go of any preconceived ideas you may have about what healing should entail and have faith that your body will guide you. Believe that every step you take along your healing journey, no matter how different it may look, feel or turn out, is valid.

Chariclo serves as a reminder to connect with the wisdom of nature as you walk the path of healing as the asteroid of Spiritual Medicine. Spending time outdoors or nourishing our bodies with food and herbal remedies could be part of this.

Investigating complementary medicines and herbal remedies can be especially beneficial for you during this New Moon if you are on your healing journey. They could help you discover new pathways and opportunities on your road to recovery.

The Messenger of Transformation: The Aquarian Water Bearer.

The water bearer, a symbol of healing and transmutation, rules the zodiac sign of Aquarius. In the water bearer, there is room for the whole world as well as oneself. The world heals when we do. We recover when the whole world does.

Of course, despite our best efforts, we cannot heal the whole world by ourselves. Only you have control over who you are and what you decide to do at each moment.

Although life doesn’t always go as we would like it to, you have control over how you choose to act and perceive the world. The Aquarius New Moon is the ideal time to remember and use this, which is your greatest power.

Our water bearer also demonstrates to us the healing power of the breath. By taking each breath one at a time, you can return to a place of harmony and wholeness.

If you’ve always wanted to try, this New Moon would be a good time to start working with the breath. On the other hand, sound healing would benefit from this New Moon. A great way to work with the energies of this New Moon would be to combine these two modalities.

We have no major planets retrograde shortly after this New Moon peaks, suggesting a significant breakthrough energy is coming.

Push Your Limits: Satisfaction in Completing Your Task

As momentum builds, you will feel a natural desire to move forward and complete the task at hand. However, give yourself room to move forward at your own pace. Don’t lose sight of the fact that we don’t need to push ourselves or force ourselves to reach unrealistic goals.

Instead, you can go back to simpler times and decide to care for, focus on and enjoy what is truly meaningful to your soul. Focus your attention on it and see what good it does you because, at the end of the day, it’s the little things that matter.

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