New Moon in Aquarius

New Moon in Aquarius,

The New Moon in Aquarius arrives on February 9, marking the commencement of the lunar year and welcoming us into the Year of the Dragon. According to Chinese Astrology, the Year of the Dragon is deemed auspicious. Even as we encounter challenges, within the Year of the Dragon, these hurdles can propel us towards newfound confidence, purpose, and success.

Lunar New Year Kick-off: The New Moon in Aquarius and the Dragon’s Promise

Reflection and Emotional Growth under the Dragon’s Influence

As this is also the inaugural New Moon of the Lunar Year, it presents an opportune moment for introspection regarding our emotional state.

In astrology, the Moon symbolizes our emotions. Thus, having traversed the diverse emotional landscapes of the zodiac, how have our emotions evolved? How have we begun to understand ourselves on a more profound level?

The Moon embodies our sense of security and what instills in us a feeling of safety and protection, essential for thriving in this world. By examining where these sentiments of security and comfort reside within ourselves, we may discern a correlation between the expansiveness or limitations of our lives.

The greater our confidence, security, and sense of protection, the more likely we are to spread our wings, take risks, and lead more fulfilling lives. Conversely, the less secure, confident, or protected we feel, the more inclined we are to impose limitations on ourselves.

Ponder this dynamic in your life and leverage the energies of the New Lunar Year to engage with whatever arises. Should you feel compelled to make changes, the New Moon offers a prime moment to initiate them.

Pluto’s Influence on the New Moon

A Call to Freedom and Innovation Amidst Transformation

This New Moon is enveloped in a potent Aquarian energy, as Pluto positions itself at the karmic zero-degree mark of the Aquarius zodiac.

Pluto symbolizes power, thereby amplifying Aquarian qualities and facilitating a deeper immersion into Pluto’s cycle in Aquarius, set to unfold over the next two decades.

A pronounced New Moon in Aquarius signifies a drive toward freedom, innovation, and a departure from conventional approaches. Aquarian energy seeks to push boundaries and chart its course.

Yet, Aquarian energy can sometimes come across as harsh and abrupt. There’s a sharpness to its essence that may trigger our vulnerabilities, especially those tied to feelings of shame or unworthiness.

Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, will be active during this New Moon, ushering in waves of instability and uncertain terrain. Suddenly, something might shift or change, compelling us to think on our feet or alter our plans.

Alternatively, we may find ourselves inspired to implement changes in our lives that could foster a greater sense of freedom or innovation.

Whenever strong Uranian energy is present, it’s beneficial to remember to go with the flow. Indeed, embracing change is one of the gifts Uranian energy bestows. It encourages us to relinquish control, move with the current, and trust in the unfolding process. It beckons us to welcome change, for through change, we can rise.

Deep Healing with Chiron and the North Node

Embracing Our Wounds for Global and Personal Healing

While there’s a certain unstable energy emanating from this New Moon that might leave us feeling somewhat scattered, theranother dynamic is also at play dynamic stems from Chiron and the North Node drawing closer together.

Chiron and the North Node will officially conjunct on February 11, just a few days after this New Moon, but their energy will already be highly active.

The conjunction of Chiron and the North Node signals deep healing. It promotes healing at the most profound levels, not just on a personal scale but globally as well. This healing energy provallows ususe our wounds as gateways of wisdom to teach, inspire, and support others. By embracing our wounds in this manner, we can benefit both ourselves and others.

Although this energetic dynamic is rich and multifaceted, it will be amplified under this New Moon, as Aquarius is very much the sign of the healer.

Aquarius is symbolized by the water-bearer, who possesses the gift of collecting water, representing emotions and the psychic debris of the world, in his vessel before cleansing it and returning it to the earth.

This gift of transmutation will be strong under the February New Moon, and, together with the energies of Chiron and the North Node, there lies a genuine power to hold space for a better and more peaceful world.

Peace and Healing Intentions

New Moon, New Beginnings: Setting Intentions for Peace

New Moons are the perfect moment of the month to set intentions, so direct your intentions towards peace and healing for all.

If someone in your life is suffering, send them healing energy under this New Moon. If you feel passionately about a humanitarian issue, use the energies of this New Moon to send peace and healing to the cause.

Here lies an opportunity to raise the planet’s consciousness, and each of us can do our part by setting intentions and radiating peace, love, and harmony.

It’s not always easy to maintain this space, but making some conscious intention under this New Moon can be of great help.

We can also use this New Moon to welcome any new changes we would like to create, especially changes that allow for more freedom and expansion.

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