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Horoscopes Month Libra, InfoMistico.com

The start of the Libra season is set for September 22–23, 2022, the day of the Equinox. As we approach the midpoint of the astrological year, the Equinox signifies a turning point and Libra is the ideal zodiac to lead us through this transitional period.

Horoscopes Month Libra 2022

It’s the ideal moment to evaluate our life and our orientation as we approach the midpoint of our journey around the zodiac. How are we spending our time? Do we like it? Do we believe that our daily activities are consistent with who we are and what we desire to become?

The scales are the symbol of Libra and their energy motivates us to achieve a feeling of harmony in our own lives. We are all urged to strike a balance between our energy levels, our inner and exterior selves and the flow of giving and receiving while the Sun is in Libra.

The sign of Libra also symbolizes our ability to exhibit our true selves in all of the connections we maintain. Because of this, the Libra Season is an excellent time to consider our relationships and what they may be revealing or bringing to the surface for us.

In the several relationships I maintain, who do I become? Keep an eye on how you behave or feel around particular folks. Are these changes the result of trauma, ego, inner child, or growth?

Relationships frequently serve as a mirror

Revealing aspects of ourselves that we are unaware of, such as traumas, wounds, or unconscious behaviors. Just the same, certain connections can inspire us, telling us who we want to be and how to unlock more of our potential. The most important relationships in our lives frequently cause both of these zones to become active.

Because of the Libra Sun and the fact that Mercury is in retrograde until October 2, these concerns and themes about our relationships may naturally arise for us.

Mercury Retrograde might force us to revisit the past and examine our old routines, attitudes and beliefs.

We might need to review previous relationship dynamics or our communication approach when it comes to the relationships in our lives because Mercury is spending part of its retrograde in Libra and most of its retrograde beneath the Libra Sun.

On October 23, the end of the Libra Season, we shall enter the Eclipse Season. There will be more on this later. Eclipses are always a period of change, ends and new beginnings. Now let’s look at how your horoscope will be affected by the Libra Season of 2022. Your Sun, Rising and Moon signs can be determined by reading.

Horoscope and zodiac signs for Libra month

Aries Sign

As a fire sign, your life is typically fast-paced, but with the Libra Sun, you might be feeling the desire to relax, refuel and take it easy.

Mars, your ruling planet, is slowing down in anticipation of its forthcoming retrograde, which is probably why you’re feeling this way more. Although Mars won’t begin its official retrograde until October 31, since it is your ruling planet, you may already be experiencing this effect of slowing down.

Make sure to harness the energy of the Libra Season to replenish your batteries to prevent burnout, which can be particularly prevalent during a Mars Retrograde. The September 25 New Moon in Libra has the potential to ignite a key connection in your life.

There could be fresh knowledge or hidden insights that surface and affect or adjust how you feel about this other person.

Several planets are currently in retrograde, so proceed with caution. Avoid making snap decisions; instead, give yourself time to think things through and decide how you want to continue.

The Full Moon on October 9th, which is in your sign of Aries, is a powerful point for you this season. The Full Moon in your sign can energize you and spark creative inspiration.

You might sense this Full Moon drawing forth new skills, insights and creative impulses because full moons have a way of dragging things out of us.

Additionally, this Full Moon may drag out toxins, ingrained habits that need to be changed and subliminal beliefs. The objectives and aspirations you establish throughout the time leading up to your birthday can also come true with the help of this Full Moon.

This would be a wonderful opportunity to review any goals you may have set around your birthday and recognize your accomplishments…

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