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Libra Zodiac

Enjoy your birthday, Libra! Your inner light can be activated while the Sun is in your zodiac sign, enabling you to shine to the utmost extent possible.

You might have achieved a culmination or conclusion point with anything over the past month. Your focus may shift to who you are right now and your self-development path as you tie up any loose ends.

You can be thinking back on your development, the changes in your personality, or any potential new objectives or sources of inspiration.

The Libra Season is an opportunity for self-reflection and a return to yourself. What does it take to feel most like you? What brings you life? Always start by following your delight and your creative ideas.

Additionally, this is a great time to concentrate on your inner world because Mercury is in retrograde until October 2. When you do, it will be simpler for you to communicate with others.

Mercury retrograde occasionally casts a pall over our inner world, but only because it is aware that we are capable of delving deeper and discovering secret depths.

It can take you till the end of your Season to feel clarity but don’t be frightened to travel through the mist. Clarity is waiting for you on the other side. One of the best new moons for making goals and calling in what you want to experience is the Libra new moon on September 25, which is in your sign.

Make it a point to jot down your objectives, desires and dreams during this New Moon. This New Moon may serve as a gentle reminder to take it easy and make time for yourself if you’ve been overexerting yourself or are experiencing the pressures of everyday life.

You have a natural ability to care for those around you and put yourself in their shoes, but right now, you need to put yourself first. The Aries Full Moon occurs on October 9 in the second part of your Season. Your relationships could be affected by this Full Moon.

It might be necessary for you to rely on someone more than usual, or problems that need to be resolved may appear. Alternatively, you might simply discover that you start developing closer, more meaningful relationships with individuals who are close to you.

Take advantage of the Sun’s abundant energy as your Season draws to a close and it gets ready to exit your zodiac sign.

Scorpio Sign

You may be feeling the need to stop and slow down as the Sun gets ready to enter your zodiac sign next.

Although your life may have been stressful recently, there is celestial support for you throughout Libra. It’s time to sit back and consider whether you are still traveling along the route you want to, whether changes need to be made, or whether certain things should come to an end.

These alterations, whether beginnings or ends are probably going to be minor ones that start internally. As you go through any transitions, be kind to yourself and give yourself the freedom to move slowly.

You don’t need to have all the answers, but you will find your way if you listen to your heart and inner guiding system. On September 25, the Libra New Moon will also assist by bringing you closer to the internal changes that are required.

You will be prepared to put these changes into action by the time the Aries Full Moon occurs on October 9th. We shall enter eclipse territory, which is always a moment of transformation, as Libra Season concludes.

You will be feeling the brunt of this energy as the impending Eclipse on October 25 occurs to fall in your sign. This is perhaps the reason why during Libra Season things seem a little unfinished. Keep in mind that more will come to light as a result of this eclipse and that new opportunities and chapters will begin to unfold.

Sagittarius Sign

You might find yourself reevaluating your objectives and the tasks you have given yourself as the Sun enters Libra.

As the year comes to a finish and things tend to move swiftly in the last few months, reaching this point in the year may always feel a little stressful. But resist the urge to put yourself under that type of pressure! Your dreams and goals are not final destinations, but rather ongoing projects.

We must enjoy the road to avoid being easily exhausted and defeated. Under the influence of the Libra Sun, you may begin to feel the need to review or exert more effort toward whatever goals you have been working toward.

You might even be motivated to pick up any unfinished projects you have if you have some that have fallen by the wayside. As the seasons change all around us, you might be inspired by new thoughts or experience an influx of vigor that will encourage you to resume activities you have always wanted to perform.

The September 25 New Moon in Libra is ideal for work on manifestation. Set intentions with the energy of the New Moon. Place them somewhere you can see them after writing them down.

Ensure that your goals are in line with your spirit and not just your ego. Make sure to provide plenty of opportunity for expansion and avoid making them too stiff and particular.

The Virgo On October 9, the Full Moon is likely to bring up problems in a friendship. Things can escalate if you and that person have had trouble in the past. Be careful what you say or put in writing because Mercury, the planet of communication, has just come out of Retrograde.

Make sure it is coming from the heart by giving it some thought. Alternately, you might simply discover that hanging out with pals during this Full Moon is wonderfully enlightening and healing.

Capricorn Sign

You might be asked to take on a leadership role as the Libra Season of 2022 approaches.

You might need to do this by establishing boundaries, taking initiative and voicing your opinions in front of others. How do you take the initiative and lead the way in the direction you want to go?

While taking on a leadership role and recovering your authority may be in the cards for you this Libra Season, you may also be asked to examine any areas in which you are exercising excessive control or clinging on. There is no need to exert control once you enter into your actual power.

Controlling behavior frequently results from a worldview that is based on mistrust or lack. If you find that you are exerting too much control, consider asking yourself why you don’t trust yourself or what false beliefs you have about the circumstance or yourself.

With this, try to change your perspective to one that is more plentiful, trusting and open, even if you can only do small things at first. It is also important to constantly remind oneself to concentrate primarily on your controllable circumstances.

On September 25, the Libra New Moon is a wonderful chance to make some objectives or goals for your professional life.

This New Moon invites you to start sowing the seeds for any projects or career goals you may have. This New Moon is a very potent one for you professionally, so make sure you take use of it! These seeds could need some time to grow, especially with all the retrograde energy pouring through the cosmic heavens.

On October 9, there will be a full moon in Aries, which could draw your focus back to where you need to take the reins and lead. Again, simply be aware of where you are holding on to control and attempt to move from a place of the heart rather than the ego. You might need to establish yourself and claim your limits.

Occasionally, the energy of Aries can agitate our ego minds and cause us to snap; if you sense this happening, use it as a cue to stand back and gather yourself. Since Libra is an air sign, it’s always a good idea to focus on your breathing, especially during Libra Season.

Aquarius Sign

The season of Libra may have you daydreaming about distant locales, thinking about a new life, new circumstances, or even planning a trip!

Even if you think you’re missing something, you might not be entirely clear about what it could be. If this strikes a chord with you, consider it a signal that you should start thinking creatively. Use some of that energy to change the way you have been thinking about your issue.

You are naturally good at thinking bigger or differently.

According to a proverb, when you change the way you look at something, it changes. So take advantage of some of this enchantment, especially around the Libra New Moon. You can begin upgrading elements of your life with the help of this New Moon on September 25.

If you find yourself daydreaming or fantasizing about something, this could be a sign that you should call those energies or circumstances into your life. Write them down for the New Moon. Though you might not feel ready to share them just yet, keep them secure and dear to your heart.

The October 9th Full Moon in Aries could be a contentious one for you. You might be struggling to maintain a level head as emotions are rising to the surface.

The Universe is on your side, so turn your focus to these energies, breathe them in and know that the Libra Sun will be sending rays of support to help you regain your equilibrium.

Pisces Sign

You may feel the want to withdraw or turn inward when the Sun enters Libra.

It may come naturally to you to want to know more about yourself or to wonder where some of your behaviors and beliefs come from. This Libra Season, the energy is quite supportive of you delving deeply into your inner world and unconscious thought patterns.

Working on your energetic field and seeking advice from a therapist or healer may both be especially helpful during this time. This season, make it a point to purify the energy of your aura and your surroundings with the use of crystals, essential oils, bells or singing bowls, or herb smoke.

Try to make a sacred area in your home where you may go to feel secure and at ease. Under the influence of the Libra Sun, your dreams may also be more vivid and a fantastic source of messages and spiritual direction.

If the energy of the Libra New Moon on September 25 drains your energy, take it as a sign that you need to rest and refuel.

The New Moon this month is also excellent for arranging your finances and attracting riches. Under this New Moon, it may be wise to put some money away in a savings account or a reliable investment. Tensions could be rising as we get closer to the Aries Full Moon on October 9.

This Full Moon may be the catalyst that drives you to finally resolve any unsolved issues that have been dragging on you. Just be extra careful with what you say because Mercury, the planet of communication, just came out of retrograde on October 2.

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