Hybrid Solar Eclipse April 20, 2023

Hybrid Solar Eclipse April 20, 2023, InfoMistico.com

On April 20, 2023, a rare astronomical event is expected: a hybrid solar eclipse. This type of eclipse is rare, since its trajectory changes from annular to total and then returns to being annular before the end of its journey. This phenomenon represents only 3% to 5% of total solar eclipses.

Hybrid solar eclipse 2023: a rare astronomical event with astrological significance and transformations in education and professions

The moment of maximum alignment will occur at 04:16:45 UT on April 20, 2023, approximately 4.1 days after the Moon reaches its perigee, that is, the closest point to Earth in its orbit. During this event, the Sun will be in the constellation of Aries, about 29º 50′ from this sign, just a few hours before both the Sun and the Moon enter Taurus.

This eclipse is part of the Saros 129 Series which began in 1103 and will end in 2528, this being number 52 of the 80 eclipses that make up the series.

All of the eclipses in this series occur at the Moon’s Ascending Node, which is when the Moon moves southward with respect to the node in each subsequent eclipse in the series. However, this rare astronomical spectacle will only be visible in its entirety in specific regions such as Indonesia, Australia, East Timor, the Indian seas and part of the Pacific.

Observers in other parts of the world will be able to partially appreciate the eclipse but those in areas of totality will have a unique experience of this fascinating celestial phenomenon.

Live Total Solar Eclipse – April 20 2023

A Revealing Message from the Cosmos in Exciting Times of Change

The second total eclipse of the Sun in Aries, which will occur on April 20 at 29º 50′ of this energetic Fire sign, is a revealing message from the Cosmos at this exceptionally exciting time in which we have the privilege of being alive. This eclipse which forms in a square with Pluto just entering Aquarius, marks a significant transition in human history, moving us away from an ingrained materialist mentality towards a new world of air and mind, represented by Aquarius.

The remarkable thing about these two New Moons in Aries (the one in March and the current one) is that they imbue us with an entrepreneurial and renewing energy, encouraging us to new principles, ideas and projects.

In fact, it turns us all into entrepreneurs, urging us to abandon the mentality of victim, dependency and to take charge of our own work path. The search for a simple “job” becomes the realization of our own project, where we can use our talents and abilities and understand that taking risks is not a sin, but an essential part of achieving the extraordinary.

Faith in Times of Change: The Second Total Eclipse of the Sun in Aries and the Great Transition in Education

With Jupiter-Kiron and Eris also in Aries during this eclipse, the keyword is “FAITH”. As someone once said: “Faith is being sure of what we expect and being certain of what we don’t see.”

This is a time to have faith in ourselves, in our abilities and in the conviction that we deserve the best and that we are capable of achieving it. It requires work, both personally and collaboratively, but it is a good time to trust in our ability to carry out our projects successfully.

The Great Transition, as I like to call it, also addresses the issue of the education of our children which will undergo a complete transformation. We will leave behind the old way of learning “Language”, analyzing the “predicate” for years, only to then forget everything when we leave school.

How many hours have we spent studying something that doesn’t serve us or will we use in life, unless we aspire to be language teachers?

This is just one example of the many changes needed to encourage young people to love education and to pursue their ideals, their inner call to the wonder of developing themselves, to learn without betraying their own talents or the call of their soul.

Adapting to Change: The Impact of the Second Total Solar Eclipse in Aries and the Opportunities for Transformation in Professional and Emotional Life

Changes will happen quickly and the notion of a lifelong profession will have to adapt to the new times. We will be even more adaptable to change and will have to take the initiative instead of waiting for the government, our bosses or our parents to sort out our lives. This is an opportunity to be who we were truly born to be, like never before.

Mars, the ruler of this Moon, is in Cancer and in a state of “out of bounds” most of this month which motivates us to seek an inner home where we can be ourselves, grow and create, using all our capacities. However, the danger lies in the fact that our emotions can get out of control (Cancer) and overreact.

For those looking for a “home,” the momentum can be overwhelming, so it’s best to wait, maintain cautious optimism and check all the facts before making decisions based on rational analysis rather than emotions.

Mercury is only 2 degrees closer to Uranus in this New Moon also prompts us to make decisions without thinking too much about it. However, the day after the eclipse at 15º of Taurus, Mercury begins its apparent retrograde movement.

Reflections on health, values and migration: The impact of Mercury’s retreat in Taurus and the influence of Mars in Cancer

A retrogression of Mercury in Taurus invites us to review our finances, our bank accounts and since this sign is governed by Venus, also our physical well-being. This is a good time to dedicate ourselves to feeling good about ourselves and about the image that the mirror returns to us.

Maybe it’s time to finally decide to go to the gym or practice a sport that interests us, favored by the energy of Aries. Mercury in Taurus also suggests that we review our values and reconsider what we consider important in our lives. Are we changing?

Perhaps what once seemed crucial is no longer so. It’s time to reflect on these issues, on our creativity and the relevance of all of it in our lives.

It is essential to maintain good physical and mental health through physical work and this eclipse also provides us with the opportunity to make decisions that are difficult for us to carry out. However, this eclipse coincides with Jupiter and Eris and the issue of refugees and immigrants fleeing from areas where they cannot survive with dignity will be especially relevant.

Italy and Spain are requesting help due to the daily avalanche of boats full of men, women and children from Africa, as is England with the arrival of people from Eastern Europe from France. Everyone must address this “pending issue” on how to manage immigration.

The fact that Mars is in Cancer has also related to this topic of the search for a “home” to which everyone has a right. It presents us with an opportunity to open up to these people and instead of seeing them simply as immigrants, establish links that allow us to see the world from a different perspective.

Exploring the Unknown: The Impact of the Eclipse on Aries and the Influence of Venus in Taurus on the Search for Love and the Courage to Be Yourself

Research and openness to the unknown become key points during this eclipse in the first sign of the zodiac, just before entering Taurus, one of the signs ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Beauty and Seduction.

It encourages us to establish ties, to connect and to establish relationships with what we like but also with what we don’t. Let’s not forget that great love stories often begin with those that we later discover that we don’t like so much. However, in a brief moment illuminated by Venus or her son Eros (Cupid), a spark causes us to fall in love and lose our minds, reaching a point of no return.

Let the optimistic and energetic energy of Aries invade us, giving us the courage to be everything we can be.

With information from Archetypan Astrology — Cristina Laird

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