Mars in Cancer

Mars in Cancer,

Mars’ passage through the constellation of Cancer has generated unease in the midst of a time of great global tension. This astral position is related to war, competition, action and confrontation which demand our attention.

Mars’ passage through Cancer: War and confrontation in a tense world?

Being in the sign of the crab, the energy of this planet is destabilized which translates into impulsive and emotional actions that can exacerbate discussions and conflicts.

It is important to be alert to these tendencies in order to act consciously and in a controlled manner in moments of crisis.

In the astrological realm, Cancer is related to the feeling of belonging to a nation and to the idiosyncrasies and nationalist feelings. When Mars transits through this sign, it can trigger or intensify conflicts related to the defense of patriotic values, territories and the security of a community.

This implies that actions associated with these emotional states become riskier and more committed, as they involve the masses in a collective fervor that can lead to impulsive decision-making and the loss of fears.

It is important to be aware that tensions in this area may increase during this astrological period and take measures to prevent risky situations that may endanger the stability of the community.

Astrology and Global Crisis: How to Deal with Emotional Instability during the Transit of Mars through Cancer?

Cancer is an astrological sign that is influenced by the moon, a celestial body that regulates the behavior of popular masses and the collective unconscious. The activation of this astrological sign can trigger chain reactions due to the appearance of a common feeling and homogeneous action among the community.

According to astrological influences, it is expected that the countries that will be most affected by these changes are those whose zodiac sign is Cancer, as well as those that have one or more planets in this sign.

Similarly, it is forecasted that countries opposed to the sign of Cancer, that is, those ruled by Capricorn, will also experience significant effects in this situation.

Cancer and War: The Astrological Impact on Countries Ruled by this Sign

Countries such as France, the United States, Canada, Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina which have Cancer as their zodiac sign, will be particularly affected by the astrological influences of Mars.

Nations such as Russia and Cuba which are ruled by the opposite sign of Capricorn, will also experience a significant impact in this astrological juncture.

The transit of Mars through Cancer began on March 25th and will continue until May 20th. During this period, a moment of maximum tension is expected to occur when Mars makes a “square” with Jupiter from Aries, a sign precisely ruled by Mars, around May 16th.

This astrological aspect will be further intensified when both planets change signs: Mars will move towards Leo and Jupiter to Taurus and it is there where the “square” will become exact or “partile

Have faith in your intuition: Mars occupying Cancer

Mars is in a position of “fall” in Cancer which means that it is in a state of imbalance and can generate certain tensions on an emotional level.

For this reason, it is essential to make a conscious effort to maintain control of our emotions and seek channels to express them properly, such as physical exercise, to avoid the accumulation of stress, irritability or unease.

The influence of Mars in Cancer: How will it affect the stability of the community?