Bleeding Gums Biodecoding

Bleeding Gums Biodecoding,

Unhealthy gums are not only an aesthetic problem but can also cause various discomforts and diseases. Physically, the gum is the layer of mucosa that covers the base of the teeth but behind this oral health problem there can also be an emotional blockage.

Bleeding Gums according to Biodecoding — Emotional Conflicts

Pain in the gums can be related to the fear of making important decisions. The person experiencing this pain may be afraid to put into practice a decision they have already made, due to the possible consequences that may arise.

This fear of making demands regarding what they really want is directly related to the fear of carrying out their decision. In addition, they may feel distressed and a sense of helplessness.

Biodecoding proposes that emotional blockages can affect the physical body in different ways, including oral health. Addressing emotional blockages and working on their liberation can be an effective way to relieve physical symptoms.

If you experience problems with your gums or any other part of your body consider both physical and emotional causes for complete healing.

How Lack of Joy Can Affect Your Well-being


In the practice of Biodecoding, it is suggested that the lack of joy in the decisions we make in life can manifest as mental blockages which can affect our overall well-being. Examine whether your fears are unfounded or real.

Just because you have not achieved something in the past does not mean you will not achieve it in the future. Remember that life is not about mistakes but experiences that help us grow and develop.

If your body is sending signals that you need to express your needs in order to achieve your goals, you must listen to it. It is important to remember that every stage of life is important and we should enjoy every moment instead of focusing solely on the end result.

It is essential that you believe in your ability to make changes in your life and in your power to make them happen.

Relationship between your emotions and gum health

How to address underlying issues

Famous author Louise L. Hay suggests that a lack of joy in decision-making may be related to a mental block. She proposes a new mental model to overcome this block which focuses on confidence and peace. Remember that you are always taking the right action and feel secure and confident in every decision you make in life. This way, you can overcome mental blockage and live a fuller and happier life.

Emotionally, bleeding gums may be related to fear of expressing our needs and making crucial decisions in life. Fear of the consequences of our actions can lead us to feel anxiety and stress which in turn can affect the health of our gums.

Lack of joy in the decisions we make can also be related to underlying emotional problems that manifest in our gum health. Feeling helpless and lacking confidence in our ability to make decisions and make changes in our lives can generate a mental block that affects oral health.

To improve gum health it’s important to explore and address underlying emotional issues that may be contributing to this problem.

This may include working on managing fear, anxiety and stress and developing greater confidence in our ability to make important decisions in life. It may also be helpful to apply alternative healing techniques such as Chromotherapy to reduce inflammation and pain in the gums.

Blue chromotherapy for inflamed gums

Discover the healing power of color

Chromotherapy is an alternative healing technique that uses the power of color to improve physical, emotional and mental well-being. In the case of inflamed and painful gums, it has been identified that the healing color is blue.

The color blue has calming and relaxing properties that can help reduce inflammation and pain in the gums. Additionally, it has been shown that the color blue has toning effects on the glands which can help improve overall health.

To apply chromotherapy to inflamed and painful gums, it is recommended to visualize the color blue while gently massaging the area under the toes that relate to the gums. By pressing the sensitive parts, pain can be eliminated and blood circulation improved.

It is important to examine our thoughts, feelings and emotions to improve our oral and overall health.

Changing what is within our control and accepting what we cannot change can help reduce stress and anxiety which in turn can improve the health of our gums and the whole body. With a holistic approach to health and wellness, we can improve our lives in many ways.

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